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"Now that's something I might do," I smiled and glanced again at his crouch.

"Even if I wanted to, I can't have sex with a student. I could get into all kinds of trouble."

We sat in silence for ten, maybe fifteen minutes. The hush was broken only by the sound of the rain drumming on the tin roof of the motor home and the steady drone of the idling engine. Finally I said, "It doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon so I guess I'd better go on down and check out your rig."

"Even my grandparents?"

We moved around and Janna introduced me to everyone, she seemed to know all of the people here. I too was being weighed up, for most of the people here I haven't met and are not amongst the class that I usually mix with. These were big business people, not shopkeepers like myself. Right away I could spot ladies that could use my service. Robert told me he could spot them, now I was beginning too. It was the way they looked at you and as they passed you, made a point of touching you with there dress, but pretending to look away. Their whole bodies were screaming "Look at me, I am willing". Body language was something that people can not hide; it gives you away no matter how much you try.

I woke up in the morning to get ready for work, she was next to me. I still had the wet panty on and was headed for the shower. After I got out I went to put on some boxers to notice they were all removed from my dresser. Just then I heard her voice. What did I tell you panty boy! You are mine and you will wear these to work today as she held out a pair of silky purple colored pair of panties! I was about to say something when she said do as you are told or you will never touch my panty covered pussy or panties again!

Let me tell you about my wife. She's 5'7", LONG sexy legs, and small perky boobs. She's very athletic with the beginnings of a six pack on her belly and very well defined legs and shoulders. She always tries to wear clothes to turn me on. She loves coming home to me and watching my eyes follow her across the room, or trying to catch a glimpse up her skirt, or down her blouse.

We followed the highway hacked through a dense pelt of fir and spruce. Overhead a few scattered filaments of clouds float in a blue sky. Bizet's Symphony Number One plays, occasionally a car passes us, one time a Chevy Blazer, another time an Oldsmobile with a bumper sticker saying "I miss Ike, hell I even miss Harry" and one time, I fly around a chugging orange Karmen Ghia convertible.

"I will not be" she says.

"Bend over a little bit at the waist, Jennie," she murmured. "Move your legs apart some... yeah, that's right... just like that."

PPS - Yes. I have my 'forbidden fantasies' too. Want to share?

I narrowed the stream of each shower head and pointed them directly at her head. Her hair was partially in her face and the water was cascading down in every direction. "You are going to do exactly as I say, aren't you?"

About an hour later, it was my turn to buy the next round. A little unsteady from the several glasses of wine I had already consumed, I made my way to the crowded bar. "Four more white wines, Cliff, and don't be stingy," I said brightly to the good-natured bartender.

I didn't but nodded anyway.

Afterwards was even worse. It wasn't just the rejection, Chris had lost his best friend. There was no way their relationship could carry on as before. What was worse was that he had just ran off without talking to her. Goodness knows what Sally had thought, had he rejected her as forcefully as she rejected him? Did she think he was some sort of homophobic bigot? That would have been unbearable, that she was thinking something so horrible about him some where.

"Hol, this is going to be the longest week of my life. It feel's like it's been years since I've seen you, I hope you have a plan so we can be alone."

Kim was now kneeling in front of them, and she had a better view of those monstrous cocks.

Breaking the kiss he pleaded again, "Please, allow me to see the beauty of your naked cunt."

Miracle of miracles, he had a fairly Spartan key chain. The house key had to be one of two, and she got it on the first try.

"It has been about a year since I first caught you watching me. After that you unabashedly continued. I have been guilty of reciprocation. I thought a toast to the past year appropriate," I replied, "...beside, it is not everyday that complete strangers share the way we have..."

"What did you think," I pleaded.

Now she was naked on a man’s bed, knowing that he was going to take her. She had not yet had that talk with her mother about what happens on a wedding night. She knew that you laid naked in bed with your husband, that your husband has the right to see you naked anytime he wants, that you must fulfil his every wish. But, what was the wish of a groom?

"That girl felt that I was staring at her and she didn't like it, that was her way of getting even." Chris said dryly.

"Good morning, sleepy head" Tanya said.

She stayed sitting on Riley's lap as she reached for the phone by the side of the sofa. It was a cordless phone and had a little LCD screen, which showed the caller's ID. The little screen read, JOSH, which meant he was phoning from his mobile.

After washing Jack's genitals, Sara dropped to her knees and tried without success to get him hard one more time. When the hot water ran out, they got out of the shower and dried off. Jack put his clothes back on and Sara draped a transparent negligee over her exquisite body.

"I didn't tell him anything at all. I knew that you would get punished as soon as you returned home. It happens each time he suspects you are out with your lover."

Then the Wolf stopped licking her again and Red moaned disappointment, until he began to climb on top of her, obviously ready to mount.

She obeyed nervously, knowing Father was watching for signs of rebellion. He unlocked her chastity belt and removed it.

Jo pursed her lips, a knowing look. "Does it feel right?"

I blinked. Jesse had been one of those "friends of a friend" guys you hang with by default on Friday or Saturday nights. Not that anyone ever did anything in Morrisville; the most that ever happened was guys snagging one of their father's bottles of jack and heading out to the fields to tip cows. Woo Hoo, just my idea of fun. We'd never really known each other in high school, he'd been into sports and I'd been on the debate team and in band. I played sax, if you must know, and still do; Steven had at least left me my sax. I shook his hand, forcing myself to be pleased to be recognized. In truth, I was embarrassed. "Hey, Jesse." I tried to make pleasant conversation; it was only polite. "How'd you recognize me so quick?"

I choked on my beer and Matt whipped around to look at me. Tammy roared with laughter while Matt frantically tried to cover himself with his hands.

"Hush!" she said, and when she felt the head of my cock at the slit of her cunt, she pushed downward. Slowly.

I stared at him, bewildered. He pointed out what Mom had said. "So?"

"Just dinner and conversation?" Tracy asked.

Ron had grumbled about her sadistic streak for a while after that, until one weekend out in the Lake District turned his entire world on its

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