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So it was decided that the parents would head into town to have a dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. The parents were staying at the same hotel in town, so this gave the kids and opportunity to spend some time together. "We can take the girls into town, if you'd like," said Ryan. "There's no reason for you guys to drive all the way back out here."

"I guess I was feeling nostalgic," Bea said, swallowing a soft giggle. "I thought you liked this dress."

Lindsay's eyes bulged as she felt something touch the back of her throat. Belatedly, she realized it was a long, hard clit, slender as a straw, just as her own had been. As the let of her cum—from this orgasm, at least—emptied against the soft tongue, Lindsay blew, and felt Val's cock inflate in her mouth. Val's hips pressed into Lindsay's face, embracing the growthgasm, her back arching, sending Lindsay's hard cock waving in the cool air.

Like a kid being told he could choose any toy he wanted off the shelf, Nick stepped back towards the window, the binoculars already coming up to his eyes as he did.

"Oh, please, call me Jack. And no, thanks. Every thing is great." I said, running my hand over the back of my neck.

I have no doubt that I look like a madwoman, and can feel my cheeks burn as I blush.

The Understudy waved his hand. "Don't," he said, "I'm certain he'll get lost on the way out, and that should more than make up for it." The others laughed.

"I don't understand though," protested Jennifer. "You escaped the house and became the town librarian, but why? And how is that you look so young now?"

Damn she was so fucking hot right now and ready to plow him in his man's cunt. David stood on the bed over Jake, bent down, yanked the dildo from his ass and threw it to the floor. Shelia stepped up behind Jake and parted his ass cheeks with the head of her new rod and made him scream when she pushed the giant prick deep into him. David, standing on the bed in front of Sheila, grabbed her hair and thrust his cock into her mouth. She tasted his pre-cum and came again. Sheila fucked Jake's hole and sucked on David's dick until she knew David was about to cum, and then she pulled away from both of them. The two men fell to their backs on the bed and Shelia unbuckled her cock and dropped it to the floor.

"I'm glad I know the truth, but I wish it had never happened. I have a feeling things are going to be a little rough around here. I know mom is going to get even with him somehow. You know, she's got more money than daddy?"

Sure, it was begging for my attention but would I be able to do as I was told and still maintain control? I placed my thumb against my engorged clit and stroked it in time with my fingers which were now easily finding their way in and out of my cunt. This time there was a racing of fire as my clit sent it's message to the rest of my body. My moan was loud this time and I stifled it quickly not wanting the neighbors to start nosing around. I was close to orgasm and I used all my will to keep from cumming and disappointing my Master. My pelvis began to buck in rhythm with my fingers and I closed my eyes in effort to keep from going over the edge.

She'd gone out with the girls for a few drinks after work tonight, and it had been fun. With a fulltime job and her quiet, shy demeanor, it was hard to meet people. She really didn't get to go out much. Tonight they'd grabbed something to eat and then stopped in at the bar. It was getting late though, and she had to be up around 8. It really was best that she left now, there'd be other times, after all.

Coming out of the shadows, the twins sat upon their destriers, their silken manes flying wildly in the breeze, as they raised their delicate brows at the proclamation of these two men. Oh both sisters knew these two well, and wanted them just as badly, but both sisters vowed to win this their way and teach these men their own lesson. With a knowing look to each other, the sisters retreated to prepare for the tournament that was fast approaching.

"Don't look so scared my little Klingon pet. I'm sure you've been very lonely all by yourself but all of that is going to change now."

"They will I'm sure darling," I went on in a lower and probably huskier voice, "with those come to bed eyes and such kissable lips the guys'll love you." I paused for a moment, looking into her eyes, searching for one of those signs, an acceptance or an invitation perhaps? I saw a flicker of, possible interest but I wasn't sure so I turned the pressure up a little by croaking, pointedly I hoped,

"We appreciate it Mr. Armacost, but we can't while we're driving. The soda is just fine.", Don replied.

"I asked you to fuck me. Will you?"

"Not much. How about you?"

"I can see how that would be something of a fantasy," Julia said, somewhat thoughtfully, somewhat lustily.

"Well, I see you're enjoying your mother's pie," she said almost casually with a curiously weird smile on her face as she spoke.

I move my finger tips to her lips and stop her automatic rejection of my advances.

With a twinkle in her eye, Vicky looked at me and mouthed silently:

As soon as we got home a series of events began, making it an evening I’m not likely to ever forget. I could tell by Debbie’s voice that she was not totally recovered from the scene at the restaurant and Keith still had a bulge in his pants when he walked in the door. She made an immediate excuse that allowed her to go to her room. Keith came up behind me, slipped one arm around me to cup my breast, and slid his other down to just above my knees, slowly coming back up my leg, pulling my skirt up with me. “I need you to follow my directions without question tonight. Are you up to it”? My lack of response was unacceptable. “Are you with me tonight, Susan. I’ll take you where you’ve never been.” As his hands pinched my nipple and went under my thong, I had no power to say no, so I just nodded slowly and quietly.

don't you know you lose part of your soul
when you force yourself to split and moan
or deviate past a single limb
so you can go on
pretending your breath is nothing more
than a subtle summer breeze

He loved the texture of her nipples and the surrounding skin on her breasts - silk, smooth, no tan lines, and several freckles across the span usually open to the Texas heat. As he held the nipple, he slowly rolled it in his fingers and softly squeezed it, not hard, but enough to feel the spongy reflexes, it brought back many memories of previous times and previous pleasures they had learned what each other liked and then really liked. He quietly moved his hand to hold her entire breast; she moved to kiss him and to force the hand holding her breast to close tighter to her chest. Slowly, he moved his hand down below that breast where he could slide the back of his hand back and forth "across the hills" as he pictured it. From the swell of one breast to the swell of the other breast, slightly rolling each nipple, or that soft squeeze again, he was enjoying the feel of the goose bumps popping up all over her skin as the hair on his hand touched her skin.

It was all happening so fast. I had never thought of my dad in 'that' way before, but now I saw him in a different light. He was the only man in my life and he had a beautiful cock that could give me what I needed. Janet assured me that it would happen if I wanted it to.

Julie switched from beer to coffee, much to the dismay of the three men, about an hour before closing time. Then, when it was time to leave she told the men that she was very sorry for leading them on, but that she would not be able to go through with the plan.

I adjusted Katie's hips slightly so my cock was aimed directly at her pussy from behind. Katie tried unsuccessfully to watch but once she felt my cock enter her pussy she returned to eating Carrie. When I pushed my cock into her that first time I went in as slowly as I could. I suspected the velvety feel of her pussy around my cock would send me reeling and it almost did. For her part Katie was about as wet as I had ever felt her or any other woman for that matter. I pulled my cock from her pussy and came all the way out so the tip of my cock would press against the outside of her pussy as I went back in. I looked over to see that Carrie had once again closed her eyes and Katie seemed a bit more animated as she ate Carrie's pussy. It wasn't long before I heard Carrie's moans start to heighten as she neared her orgasm. Within the moans I could hear breathy words like "oh yeah" coming from Carrie as she got more and more into it. I thought I heard Carrie say she was going to come and then I did hear her say it. Just hearing the words escaping from her mouth put me over the top and suddenly I was saying, "Oh gawd I'm going to come!" Suddenly I felt the swelling of my cock in Katie's pussy and I know she must have felt it as well because she suddenly pushed back on me as I was pushing my cock into her pussy causing me to slam up against her ass. I took that as a sign of what she wanted and as I came in her pussy I was slamming my cock hard into her. I could also see Carrie coming and although she wasn't loud about it she was very animated in coming. I tried to keep stroking my cock in Katie so I would stay hard for a little while longer. I looked down at my daughter's pussy and that made it easier. Katie had stopped licking her and was enjoying the slow movement of my cock in and out of her pussy.

Another time I arrived at a room, and I was inside before I realized there were two men instead of just one. That client was a referral from one of the other clients. I knew quickly that I could be in trouble, so when they demanded that I strip I did. When one held my hair, forcing my mouth onto him while the other rammed me from behind, I didn't resist.

"Anything you want guys, I'm all yours, so to speak."

"Unfinished business?' Norm queried.

"And if you have the brains to go with the reflexes, this is your lucky day," he said, fishing a sheaf of papers out of his black brief case and tossing them on the desk.

"Now, slave, reach into the suitcase, and pull out the last of my little toys!"

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