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For a second, Mike just responded with a very pleased smile and groan.

And then I heard it...or I thought I heard something.

"I never thought of that," she laughed with relief. "Now I feel great!"

Urged by his hands on her titties, the aged duchess posted up and down upon his steely cock until she felt the flared head enlarge. Instinctively, she bore down to mash her hairy mons and colossal clitty onto the base of his shaft thus ensuring that his erupting volcano spewed its hot lava as far up her as it could go. She succeeded and felt pleasure like never before. She was not a dried up old prune after all; she was a lusty, loving woman. Shivering intensely while she went through the throes of the lengthy orgasm that women have and men can't, she leaned forward and gently kissed the lips of the smiling Lord Millhaven.

She heard his breathing speed up as he reached his goal. She, with expertise gained from long practice, gauged when he was most aroused, when his hand was moving most frantically on her clothed breast, then she slapped him, hard, across the face and moved away from him. His gasp of frustration was music to her ears.

She leaned over pushing her now fully visible breasts out toward me, licking her lips.

I parked at the hotel and I found my way to the Cayute room just in time and let myself in. At the front of the room was a young guy in a suit, one of those eager ultra-American types who always seem to be smiling and always seem to be selling something, and a shorter, more frazzled looking older man who looked like he just wandered off a golf course somewhere. They stood in front of a projection screen and paced impatiently, as though they were eager to begin. Oddly enough, all the other attendees, who were seated around the long table in rotating office chairs, were women. And not just a garden variety of women, but young women, attractive ones, about seven or eight of them. It seemed an odd coincidence. A lot of them looked to be students at the university, and certainly none of them were older than 30. They were all sitting quietly; some were flipping through magazines they had brought with them, others had brought water bottles and were drinking, some were scrutinizing their cell phones carefully.

The sun was slowly sinking towards the horizon when Mary took the wheel. She laughed when he objected. "Its low tide so it will be best if I take you through the channel."


"Are you mad?" Her tone was slightly mocking which pissed me off a little more. I am not a woman used to tempering her emotions or anything else for that matter, but I'm also no fool. A display of dissatisfaction would not result in her appeasing me and I was well aware of that fact, I was also aware that she knew exactly what she was doing.

"Are you ready to go dancing?" I said.

She glanced at the clock next to the bed, her eyes furrowing in confusion. It read 12:00. It had been at least twenty minutes since she had been woke up by the bonging of the courthouse clock. She turned and looked into his eyes, not knowing what to think.

"You better believe it. Next time send him over to my room after your done with him. God knows I could use a little of what you were getting last night. The two of you were really going at it"

Brad crawled onto the bed, it made a creaking noise beneath their combined bodies. Shayna kissed him passionately on the lips and slid her tongue all over his mouth, heatedly. "Tonight baby, I want you to fuck me with all burners on, fuck me like a bitch in heat. I am yours now, so let your baby know you want to fuck the shit out of her!"

O'Neil was absorbed in her actions and thrust his cock harder and deeper into her. The more Traci played with her breasts the wetter she became. The sound of their sex filled the tent.

"Sorry dude. Just been getting too many blank calls lately." Ashwin said and leaned against the back rest. Gaurav was his best friend - his business partner and a man who made Ashwin feel sane if not close to being happy.

"Amy, you're pregnant."

When she felt Liz's tongue touch her clit, Aimee started to moan and scream uncontrollably, while she moved her right hand down to push Liz's head into her pussy. She moved her left hand to her mouth to try and muffle her screams.

My cock was almost immediately hard at the thought of what she may be ready to show me. I was hoping that the suggestion to show her son how she was changing would start her to thinking about how to do it in her own way. I did a silent prayer of thanks to the gods of hypnotism for enabling this to happen.

Maddox's happy cock deflated when he saw Katie's look. "It's just a stupid fantasy, Kate. I mean, does it upset you? It would surprise me if you didn't know Connie's been wanting to get her hands down your pants all these years."

Finally the flow stopped, and I stayed with my mouth clamped over her, catching the last couple of feeble squirts of piss and swallowing them, as I brought myself to my third orgasm in minutes with my fingers.

Eagerly, Joey looked for gray pubes in Rita's dense bush at the top, and on the right and left sides by using his fingers as a comb. During the process, he saw that Lucy trimmed her pubes to heart shape, but does not cut them to shorten them.

Now was the time, "An irate husband." I said, hoping I said it lightly enough.

"Yes. Yes Mistress." Meekly. Her eyes cast down. I had her. My mind reeled and my cunt gushed.

"Don't remember much" – he admitted – "must have dosed off after the do last night!"

Her eyes remained as they were as she saw him look down, knowing what he was looking for. Susan sucked her breathe in as she felt any remaining dignity disappear and Jim swiftly removed the skirt, leaving her completely naked. She stared off into space as his head slowly dropped and Susan tightened her tummy, waiting for the attack she knew was coming.

I had the urge to run my own tongue up her long, taut, lithe thighs and lap at that wet quim as hungrily as her man was. And Michelle could feel it as she backed and quietly rubbed her ass into my hardon.

I start to push them down but she reaches out, grabs them and pulls them to my ankles. She looks up at me and her sexy smile returns.

Tony parks the car and Anna jumps out, grabbing the bag and skipping off down the path through the dunes to the beach.

From: Slumber Bunny

He rested them, vibrating, against the inside of her thigh and looked up at her.

He had told her how he loved her wide hips, how he would turn her over and take her like a dog, a monkey, a tiger, a bear, a slug, like some sort of creature, anyway, from behind, holding onto her hip grips as he pounded into her obscenely spread slim thighs.

She turned her head to breathe and I think she was crying, but as long as she did it quietly, I didn't care.

He watched with great enjoyment as she ate. She was much younger then him, he thought to himself. He was already 30 and she couldn't have been more then 20 if that. Her breasts were slightly smaller then average but appeared quite firm and he could tell from her muscle structure she was not a warrior.

Tom smiled. She was getting close.

"Valentines Day? You're asking me out on Valentines Day? Do you feel alright Dave?"

Connor bent down and picked up the bouquet of lilies that he'd dropped during their kiss, presenting them to her with a grin on his face. "Well, that was one hell of a way to start the night."

Despite her situation, Lisa couldn't help but get a little turned on by these two vixxxens. Their bodies were amazing, toned and fit. Both of them had big tits, although not quite as big as

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