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I was into guys, it wasn't public knowledge, but the thought that my own uncle might be checking me out was a little creepy. Maybe when I got some money of my own and a place to live, I'd be more open about it, until then, I was keeping a lid on my private life. Sure, I was eighteen, but I still lived under my parents' roof. Being a big slut made it difficult to hide, but my parents just thought I had a lot of guy friends back in Dallas. Ok, so when guy friends spent the night, we were sucking each other's dicks. So what? So far in Vegas I hadn't had any time to meet guys. I needed to get laid, it was my top priority.

"BarbaraAnne come to my office now, I am here and don't make me wait long" He toldher in a harsh tone.

He laughed too, not believing me. We hurried and grabbed up some more wood after we dressed, taking it outside and tossing a few pieces on the fire, a few more on the ground nearby. Neither of our wives had returned yet from their trips to the bathroom.

Suzi took a step back and bent over at the waist. As her head came down, she put her lips on the end of my wet dick. “I think yours is bigger,” she whispered. Then she slowly opened her mouth and gradually slid my rod in. Deeper and deeper it went into her soft wet warmth, and I felt like I was in a moist velvet pussy as her tongue tickled my erect tool on its way in. Finally I was as deep in her as I could be, her lips touching my pubic hair and the head of my dick somewhere far back in her throat. My dick started to spasm involuntarily, and my hips started to buck against her, getting ready to fuck her face.

All the while after she left the club he had followed behind long enough so he could slip into the doorways. Her beauty astounded him and the simplicity of how she dressed made him wonder what she would look like in a corset with his collar around her neck. His name was Marcus but he went by Mark usually. His friends had been watching him lately and asked him who he had found. With the connections Mark had he could find out everything about her. The name of her pets, friends and where she worked. Free of any criminal acts he thought she'd be the perfect one; he could see it in her eyes and blush when he bumped into her. That odd little smile she gave him had included a quiet "I'm sorry, have a good day." After the incident at the store hhe knew that she was his and would not be able to forget the look in his eyes.

'Cool. Did you do anything after?'

"Enough," he shrugged. "It ain't nothin' to be afraid of, sugar. It's flesh, like you."

The twin greeted us at the door and were clearly as excited as we. "Sam, Alan, Daddy." They shrilled.

Although she didn't say anything this time, I could tell by her moans and the way she moved that she had to have come at least twice, if not more, when I could hold out no more and came, wrapping my arms around her large belly and resting my chest on her back.

He started to laugh and shook his head no.

"Yes. I suppose that could be it. But it isn't just relief. She actually seems like some of her old spirit came back. She's almost bouncy at work."

We collapsed onto the bed. I held her in my arms. Slowly she relaxed and said "That my love was the most pleasurable experience of my lifetime."

"Why didn't you ever kiss me like that?"

"Well," I said drawing out the 'Well', "Why don't we just tell Amy that they didn't have the movie. She'll probably be okay with watching a little regular television and going to bed sooner."

After an hour or so during one of the slow songs, Lisa was pressing against me and moving in such a way as to be rolling my erect cock from side to side. She was actually getting me very close to cumming right there on the dance floor. Just as the song was ending Lisa whispered in my ear "I'm ready to take you to bed." I needed no coaxing. We went back to the table just long enough to sign the check and headed for the room. On the way to the room, Lisa was talking softly so no one could overhear, saying things like "I think you're hard enough for what I have in mind now." And "You're going to love putting that big hard cock in my nice wet pussy, aren't you?"

On one hand I was petrified that someone would somehow find out what I had done, but on the other, I was happy to have done the man a favor. So lost was I in the scene that I almost didn't see the fingers coming through the hole in the wall. If not for a brief break in the on-screen action, allowing me to hear the fingers rubbing the wall, I might not have noticed. But there were clearly two small fingers rubbing the edge of the hole.

With his hand high on my thigh at the top of the dark stocking top, he told me about his week of meetings and golf, including the 3-iron into the wind on the 15th hole that hit the pin and let him score an eagle. Jeff from Texas had sent me a kiss. Arnie from California did the same.

"No, not really."

"It's nothing dear, I just have a bit of a head cold"

"I saw you watching me. Do I know you?"

"Hello, I'm right here, you know!" said Mel. "If you are going to discuss taking me out, don't you think you should be talking to ME, not HIM?"

Linda switched on her computer and the large flat plasma screen on her office wall lit up. She pressed a few keyboard keys and an image appeared. I immediately recognised it as the Red Private Room. She clicked again and a picture of Yellow appeared, then Silver. I looked at her to elicit an explanation.

I was just thinking out loud about the rut we've gotten ourselves into," she complained bitterly.

Asher chuckled softly and Sera thought she might melt at the sound. No matter how grumpy and cynical she tried to be, it was hard not to be in a good mood when he was around. Even with people like Diana on her case all the time, she was feeling...good. Better than she had been before, as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. It was kind of like having her first crush, belated though it might be. Sera knew it was a little silly, but why shouldn't she have fun and be happy?

“Are you OK Honey,” I called?

"I want to know what it feels like to join with you," he says, "but not a gentle mating; there will be time enough to make love to you later. Right now I want to fuck you. Do you understand the difference?" I can only nod, as no words escape my lips. "I must bury myself as deeply as I can inside you and feel you tighten around me. I've never wanted another woman the way I want you right now." I know now that this is not a dream, that this is really happening to me and that I hadn't imagined being watched at the river. I say this to him and he admits that he waited until I had fallen asleep on the rock before approaching me. He'd watched me sleep for a while before deciding he would take me. He tells me that we'd lost touch before, many years ago, and that he wouldn't let it happen again. Now that I was back in his life he would do all the things to me that he had always wanted to do.

I had to move Helen to one side or the other several times and in doing so I would place both hands on her hips and shift her to the side so I could get by her.

The next night Steve arrived home to find his Asian wife made up, bathed and dressed. She was wearing what he referred to as her hooker’s outfit. The one he was always urging her to wear on a night out with the girls in the hope that she would allow herself to be screwed silly by a few guys in whichever bar she happened to be in.

"Hey," he said, "Don't get rid of that key." Danicka walked into the back room of the photo shoot she was hired to do and groaned inwardly at the sight of Mellissa Sanders. Mellissa was notorious for throwing fits on the shoots she worked on. She had a problem with almost everything; she didn't like the clothes she had to model, she hated the set, or there was something dramatically wrong with her make-up. Mellissa was a bitch all right, and she was proud to be one. Danicka understood why; Mellissa was new to the industry, modeling mostly because her father was one of the most successful coutor designers to date. Because Mellissa was privileged, she felt she automatically had the right to treat everyone she encountered like the worst kind of crap.

It had been easy for Azizah to retrace her path back to Doug and Barbara's home. Before they even had a chance to knock at the door, it was opened by Barbara. Obviously they had been expected. Barbara hugged Azizah and kissed Azman, pressing her body tightly against his. She took Azman's hand and brought them in, yelling to Doug that they were there. Doug came out and shook Azman's hand, before turning to Azizah and pulling her to him closely with a long, slow, passionate kiss that was much more than a friendly greeting.

"No, I've never met you. My name is Lani Loo."

"Would you please come over and feed me that delicious cock of yours? he asked.

The excitement built quickly again and I felt myself close to an eruption. She had taken up my rhythm and was pushing her pussy back onto me on my forward strokes. Her breathing was coming in shorter and shorter gasps as her orgasm approached until a moan escape her lips and her vagina rippled and spasmed around my sensitive penis. I had held off but I now let myself cum. Again, my head reeled as my penis burst forth its seed. Three or four long strokes depleted my reserves and my once-swollen staff softened. I pulled it out of that glorious hole and fell back against the settee, she had fallen forward to rest but then rolled over and joined me.

I asked him, “What if I consider giving you your wish and having a liaison while you watch, but if I did the guy would have to wear a condom as I’m frightened of getting aids or other venereal diseases.

New management comes in and I get promoted to IT Manager.

Her slap across my face is sharp and shocking. My hand shoots up to cover my cheek and the heat of the sting warms my hand as well as my cheek. Tears flush my eyes, and I hope they don't roll down my face, but it is too late and they are. And most shockingly... my cock engorges even harder with sudden and almost painful pressure.

“What am I supposed to call it? Lollygagging? What? You’re being irresponsible and childish, as usual. You’ve got some little wench at your side, spent all your time with her, when your time should be spent fulfilling your duty to this family. And to Stephanie.”

"So what's the second pleasure, shall we do that next?" I asked.

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