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Wanda then escorted me by my twisted arm over to the pool of oil and the audience began to edge toward the pool to get a glimpse of my final humiliation. She pushed me down on my knees, and with my arm still twisted behind me, grabbed my hair and dunked my head into the oil holding my face under for what seemed like forever. When she finally let me up I gasped for air and no sooner had I gotten a breath then she pushed my head back under the oil again and this time for a longer stay.

I'm Greg, one pissed off son-of-a-bitch after finding my wife fucking one of her colleagues. She always said I was too busy with the business and never did anything for her. We've been married for six years but didn't have any kids. I've always wanted a couple at least. I did my damnedest to earn a living and get Erica everything. I guess I wasn't good enough.

"That is a very good observation, Lindsey! The words we use to describe sexual encounters can be very arousing. Who else? Jeanette?"

"Oh, really? Well then, I guess I'll just let you go back to sleep," I smiled as I moved to ease off the bed and away from him.

Emi laughed and said, "oh."

The cabin consisted of two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. She could take the spare bedroom. Still, perhaps it would be a good time to go off into the bush himself and hunt for a week or two? He had a snowmobile with a pack sled behind it. Often, he would spend a night or two out. The windblocking tent on his sled came with a small, foldable wood stove. Combined with his LL Bean minus 20 down-filled sleeping bag, the folding stove made it possible to sleep out in a tent even in brutal weather.

I did get my turn eventually, but it wasn't with my daughter and her boyfriend.

It was a shove, but not a hard one, up against the wall. Gentle yet commanding, he was trying not to hurt me even though he was a bit caught up in the moment. It melted my heart. He put his hands on either side of my face and looked into my eyes. That look almost made me cry.

“Yes, what can I get for you?” the waiter asked

"I'll have what you're having." I said, and hooked a thumb in the waist band of my swim suit.

“That’s ok. You look just fine.”

I cleaned around my apartment and played with the baby as the clock ticked closer to 8 o'clock and the time to put my baby to bed. It was almost like she knew, she went to sleep right away after I sat with her and stroked her back softly. It was already 8:30 so I went upstairs and made sure the doors were locked then I noticed that the light was on in the bathroom and the door was wide open.

"Well? You were so angry a moment ago." Sesshomaru said, his claws dragging to his hip and tracing patterns on his skin. Inuyasha squeaked then shook his head.

The room contained a 4-poster bed and an en-suite bathroom. But before I could really take in my new surroundings, a second pair of hands grabbed me from behind. I screamed as Lee took a pair of scissors to my clothes.

She was out the door and Dao Vu and I stood a little uncomfortably in the foyer.

You rub your palm over the head of my cock, and then down my shaft making it wet and slick with pre-cum, then you encircle just my head with your fingers and slowly stroke it, rotating your hand with every stroke.

"Omar," Hall said, "I know that you have to leave for London in a couple of hours. Surely we can finalize our deal before you go? All of the paperwork has been reviewed and it simply awaits your signature."

I obliged, and while working my oral magic on her breasts, reached down and began to slide her skirt towards her feet. She settled back for a moment, helped me slide her skirt off, and then, without warning, slid her thong off as well. She glanced at me, smiled, and then reached for my belt, undoing my pants and sliding them down and off. Next came my boxers, but not before she commented that they seemed awfully wet for some strange reason.

Mary looked at the clock. Four minutes had passed. She sighed, thinking, 'Well, you did what you said. You found a man who doesn't want kids; and you're happy.'

More and more our sex life consisted of me performing long detailed sessions of oral on Veronica while she watched a porno, usually playing on the bedroom television. They always had men with very large cocks. I had never realized so many men were blessed. In fact before meeting Veronica I actually thought I was pretty big myself.

Jim turned Emily around and started unloading huge pools of cum all over her enormous melons. Some of the cum had gotten in Emily's eyes.

I attended Tiffany's graduation that same year. She'd grown into quite a vibrant young lady, surrounded by admiring friends, and more than one infatuated young man. Her golden hair had grown long since I'd last seen her, and she smiled brightly as she gave her valedictory speech. I was proud of her, and her mother, my aunt Ella, was ecstatic.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Here was the first of Annie's acquaintances who didn't want to push me over the edge. Then I wondered. "Why not?"

Undaunted, I said, "Connie I really think we need to talk about this a bit."

I didn't give a damn right then who was standing there, because I was long past the point of no return; my balls tightened and my cock twitched once or twice in Sheila's mouth, as my first gob of hot cum shot deep into her throat. Her lips were locked tightly around the base of my cock as spurt after spurt gushed into her mouth.

Will returned from the kitchen with the second bottle of wine, already open, and filled both their glasses again. "Where do you think we went wrong?" she asked him, then quickly added, "I mean with Joe and Sarah?"

"I think you want to be your mommy's boss, don't you", I said ...she nodded dumbly in response as I stroked her pussy. "Tell me what you would make her do if you could do anything you wanted to her"

Momentarily, she glanced at Amy, who stood in the hallway with her mouth hanging open. "I had to get my books... I've got to get to class... I left my car running." Bewildered, she grabbed her stuff and headed out the door, "Hey, I thought you said that you two were just friends."

"How does that feel?" Scott whispered.

Keri snapped back to reality. She was breathing heavily. She started to feel that now familiar tingle in her loins, and she got a fluttering sensation in her stomach. She felt her nipples becoming erect under the arm that covered them.

The two lovers ground into each other, sometimes slowly, sometimes deliberately, always with desperate intensity. Sylvia began to whimper. Four hands moved and explored, touching, pressing, greedy in their search for more flesh. Sylvia moved her socked feet up and down Wes's legs. Wes felt his own feet growing hot and sweaty inside his socks, and the rest of his body was beginning to drip sweat as well.

"Cool it, Perry. Just sit back and relax. We're still several hours from home."

"But that leaves me more time to spend in bed with studs like you," she said. She laid across his chest and rested her chin on her left arm. His cock was by then standing straight up and looked monstrous in her tiny hand. His excitement grew as her hand stroked him.

Eventually, Shelly asked, "Do you really think this is going to make his hard-on go away?"

"That's great, Linda, I'm going to enjoy making those little beauties dance a flamenco to my flogger," she said. "Now get back up on that bed."

"No, no, I just...miss you."

Dawn grumbled for a few seconds before saying, "Doncha want to feel my nice big tits?"

The loving son decided to take matters into his hand. He started working out and getting into such athletics like football and wrestling. He wanted to be in excellent shape to kick his father out of the house once and for all.

The man, dressed in all black, stood beneath the window of a small house. He knew the girl inside. Knew her probably better than she knew herself. He knew her habits, he knew her schedule, and most importantly, he knew where she kept her spare key. Right now, though, he was simply watching. His dark eyes were intent on the nude form he could see laying on her side in bed through the slits in the

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