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"Please, let me go, let me cum, please, no more teasing, just do it now! Make me cum and then fuck me. Please!"

"Bill, she's also a squirter and her cum is tasty."

"I don't know, papi," she asked sweetly, "Can you cure syphilis?"

We had done everything there was to do together, we had left no stone unturned. We were basically into everything and we had done it all. Well, not everything.

"You aren't done yet, slut!" said the other guy she had been blowing. Grabbing both of her pigtails, he yanked her toward him so that he was on his back and she squatted over him. He fixed his gaze at her flawless breasts and squeezed them together. "Now ride my dick, whore! I said, ride it! Faster, slut!" he barked. Poor Laura must have been exhausted, but she forced herself to ride him. The guy beneath her pulled her breasts to his face and sucked on her big, hard tits. While he slobbered all over my wife's chest, the others stood behind her and took in the view of her stunning ass bouncing on this guy's dick. Her chubby cheeks jiggled as they plopped down on his rod. Laura groaned as she fucked him madly. I didn't know how this guy could hold out so for long. I was nearly ready to spill my load just looking at her.

My lips travelled down his magnificent body until my nose skirted his bush and my tongue finally reached his dick. I looked him in the eyes with all the love I could muster and took him into my mouth. When he moaned, it felt to my ears like applause.

Jeannie let me soap up her body and then she did the same to me. Oh, my god, she was so beautiful! I couldn't keep my lips from hers. I was afraid I would irritate her but she just smiled and kissed me back. My hands roved over her tits and pussy and ass while hers were all over me, spending most of the time on my testicles and newest raging hard-on. Although I had never had sex in the shower, it didn't take much prompting when she wrapped her legs around my waist, pushed her pussy around my cock and leaned back against the wet tiled wall. I put my hands under her ass, leaned forward to kiss her, and fucked our brains out.

"Mmmmm" Debbie moaned as she felt his thumb and fore finger take the nipple in between and give it a little pull.

"Dad, you walked me to the bus stop this morning."

"We have to talk, Lynn."

“Trey’s much better this morning.” Christina replied. “He’s eating without getting sick to his stomach. Clint’s sitting in his room with him.”

"Wow," he said.


With a few well chosen words and aiming his wand towards the fire Stephen made the flames disappear.

"Round 1?" she whispered surprised and giddy.

Leading Angel over to the bench in the shower her cuffs were released and then re-secured in front of her. Once she was laid down on the bench Dawn and Missy went about their assigned chore of removing all of Angel’s body hair. The shaving out of the way, Missy once again wanted to play. Running her finger up and down Angel’s slit. Bringing the flat of her finger to rest on Angel’s clit, lightly. Then moving again to run the length of the slit between Angel’s legs. Just as Missy brought her mouth to bear on Angel’s little button of joy, Dawn tapped her on the shoulder and said, “”Come on we do not have time for this.”

I slowly slid out of her. One by one, I undid her bonds, and when she was free, she just lay there, breathless.

"Barb, Deb, you know Greg. Liz, I'd like you to meet Greg."

As Suzanne put her sundress back on and slipped into her sandals, Deb said to Vern: let's go for a bit of a walk along the waterfront here, I wanna feel that big load of spunk oozing onto my thighs in the summer heat! So within a couple of minutes of emptying my balls in her, Deb was wearing a light coloured skirt and top. I hopped into my clothes and as we stepped from the camper, Deb and Vern walked one way and Suzanne and I went the other. After half an hour or so we met up along the waterfront and Debbie was wearing this awesome "just got my pussy creamed" grin, she mouthed 'thank you' at me and off they went.

Now, it is probably prejudiced of me to say, but if Brazilian women are the bomb, Maria classified as a 10 megaton nuke! She wasn't tall only about 5 feet which was a plus to me. Like many women in the place she had soft, flawless cinnamon skin which almost radiated heat from across the floor. Long, thick black hair that could only be described as luxurious framed her face. Even from that distance and in that lighting I could see her eyes would be black yet inviting. She was wearing a short black dress which accented every accent of her body. I could easily see the outline of full breasts. My eyes went to her legs which were smooth, round and curved. My gaze moved up to a round, full behind accenting her morena blood. For the briefest of moments she noticed me noticing her and smiled brightly. From that moment, I was hopelessly in love. (Yes, sometimes it does happen just that way.)

“Turn around, girl,” she ordered. And she slapped my ass really hard.

"Well of course I did, I thought it was great. You were great, the other couple were great, even I was great"

I lowered my mouth down to it and took the head into my mouth. I took as much as I could into my mouth, but started gagging more easily. You stopped me and gave me a quick lesson. You showed me where the most sensitive spot on your cock is. It was about an inch square area below the head. When I touched it with my finger, it made your cock jump a little. I loved having that power over you.

Mr. Martin told Sabrina that he would teach her about the cash register after she completed her first successful week. She was looking forward to it. She made sure she did a good job running the vacuum over the carpet and checked the stock of socks and shoe laces regularly.

MissPeaches: "Well hurry up, I don't have all day."

I was surprised and somewhat curious about this now. “Why, is she banging the boss or something?”

"What's gotten into you?" I asked.

Our next big decision came near dinner. I was getting hungry and I needed a place for us to stay. I offered a separate room but she said she'd feel safer with me.

"Jake, tell me why are you acting so horrible?"

Krista took the ball from Jessie's glove and threw it to Sally who was now sucking in a few deep breaths before she had to pitch again. Krista pulled Jessie around and spoke softly. "She's an asshole. Just let it go."

The twins were close, in fact they were closer then most twins are. When they were together, one would start a sentence and the other would finish it, never missing a beat. They had a bond which proved to be a drag at times, but wouldn't change being twins for anything.

Now Nasam was hear in his bed, fucking his wife. Presumably Igwe's offer of the curvy blonde wife of his new accountant had been part of the deal.

As she was catching her breath he was pulling his pants down. Even his penis looked hungry for sex. It was pulsating with veins sticking out. It was turning red, like it was angry it had not had a turn to please his wife. He replied swiftly by sliding oh so gently into her. Then the pounding began. She was still so sensitive from the orgasm that she nearly came again. But she wanted to save it. She dug her nails into his shoulders. She was watching him fuck her to death. She loved watching Jeff's body during sex, but this was all too much. She moaned loudly and whispered in his ear "Harder?" As she did this his speed increased and he started grunting! She could feel the muscles working in his back and ass. He reached down and grabbed her bottom for maximum penetration. Anna could feel every inch of him. He was filling her. That in addition to the sounds coming from her husband was too much for Anna. Just as she started feeling the muscle contractions in her vagina, he let out a moan. Not like before, but one like he just couldn't hold it in. Three years and they had never had simultaneous orgasms. Until now. He collapsed onto her chest.

Sean gave Cyndi a puzzled look, even with his live-in girlfriend he'd always used a condom. In this day and age of AIDs, it was always a given that he'd wear a condom for intercourse.

"The key honey, don't leave my fucking hands like this" he gasped.

He laughed. "I need a shower now! Do you mind?"

All I can hear is the sound of our labored breathing. Our bodies are so close I can feel the tandem slowing of our heartbeats. I feel you smile against my neck, and I answer in kind. I close my eyes. I don't want reality to intrude. Not yet. Your muscles tense as you begin to move away. I automatically try to gather you closer. "No, baby, let me up. I'll be right back." I hear faint sounds coming from the bathroom, as I begin to doze.

"...her business was really struggling and she needed a couple big accounts to save it. She had a meeting with a potential large client and part of him closing the deal was she had to give him oral sex before he would sign the papers."

"Okay Gentlemen be so kind and dear, as to start a line from right here." The Men formed a

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