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Candy already had her hand reached down rubbing her clit furiously. His thumb in her ass while his cock was pumping her pussy combined with Jack's words just sent her right over the edge.

Layla smiled. "Thanks."

As I would come out into the light I could see that the fingers of Teddy's other hand were rapidly pinching and rubbing her clitoris. Then I was pushed even further into the tunnel and when I came out into the light I looked in the mirror and saw that Teddy had one foot up on the chair and that was why I was in there so deep.

"Maybe we have been waiting for the right couple to come along," I said, not believing this was true, but happy that they had.

"Yeah," Lisa said sheepishly. "Figured we could really get away for a while. Been here since last night."

Sally and the other two women sat around most of the day trying to get information out of and into me. One of them had long straight brown hair and innocent seeming blue eyes. She was the youngest of the thirty-eight residents I had seen in town. She got the closest to inexpertly warning me of the dangers of Conception. I distracted her with questions she avoided about why she was not off to college. The other woman was obviously her mother but with black hair. She had the same innocent seeming blue eyes as her daughter.


"I just might." I replied. "It's warm, sensitive, vibrating and responds to my every touch. Not like a husband I might be somewhat familiar with."

Pilge took a surreptitious swig from a small bottle as he turned to the blackboard.

A fingertip curls under her chin, lifting it closer to his face, his deep gaze pierces her. Glimpses of a smile, then a full mouth kiss, deep, forceful, intent on owning her.

"I'm done with the mower," I told her.

My senses were slow to return after the way Mrs. McMillan had made me cum. For a whole minute, I thought maybe I had just died of a heart attack or something, that was how good it felt. But in the next instant I realized I was still alive because I could feel her mouth on my cock, her tongue on my balls as she licked me clean. I was so sensitive after what she had done to me that it almost hurt but I didn't want her to stop. Slowly I struggled to lift my head from the couch and the figure of Mrs. McMillan, on her knees in front of me, came into view.

A soft chuckle caused me to look up and there she was, sitting in the low three way fork of the first large tree I had looked behind. "Hello." She said softly. "Are you looking for me by any chance?"

"Suck what?"

Anna thought about it for a few seconds. Bill was just as good looking as Jack and since every woman imagines a threesome with two guys, but rarely gets to have the experience, she thought, why not? This would make for quite the story, she thought.

As Constance backed her ass towards Denver he grabbed his hard cock and aimed it directly at her pussy. In that moment the nurse reached between her legs, looked back over her shoulder and spread her pouting, swollen pussy lips for her new lover. She felt the head push inside past her fingers and she felt that shiver that came from within race through her again, she waited just a moment and then dropped all the way down on his shaft impaling herself on his throbbing shaft.

"Not yet my sweet little slut," he growled, "I've barely started yet. Now tell me what you are."

"No, not exactly. I don't mind him seeing the child. Like I said," Morgan reflected thoughtfully, "I want my baby to know its father. My dad died when I was young and I've always felt that something was missing from my life, so if possible, I'd want the father in the child's life, but no custody," she said firmly.

"I would risk the challenges of the seven oceans for a taste of your lips," Rajar boasted.

"How's the car doing?" I asked. Marie had taken my Eldorado down, just to keep the miles off her Jag. I stubbornly refused to upgrade, even though the odometer had passed the century mark two years ago. Last month, the transmission had given up and our dealer rebuilt it. This was it's first road outing since.

On-sight investigation? What was he talking about? Shouldn't this just be a traffic violation? I had never been pulled over before, so I was unsure of the procedure. I watched some cop shows on TV, and knew policemen drove with video cameras on their dash and did pat down people on the side of the road. But this wasn't the proper procedure for pulling someone over, right?

"Well, who the hell is that?" I asked, breaking a heavy silence.

Then the door opened. I fell forward but managed to keep my footing. Jemma was looming above me, fully clothed (in her pyjamas, however, which were similar to mine) and looking at me with cross-armed impatience. She looked as though she expected an explanation.

"They won't work. They're too loose. Use these." she said holding out a pair of her panties.

Conversation flowed and they touched on many topics, laughing over many things. He found, to his delight, that Danielle liked to touch and she kept him within reach all evening, finally ending their first date back at the parking lot of the store where she worked. They sat in his car, neither wanting to leave.

She was now sucking my cock and still ready for more as she climbed onto Carlos and began riding his pole wildly, as if he would be the last man she would fuck for the rest of her life.

Sitting at the head of the table, behind a small cardboard screen that covered a few books, sheets of paper and dice, sat Murray’s older brother Adam. Adam was four years older than the rest of them, he had grubby longish black hair that hung in a mess to his shoulders and looked as though it hadn’t been washing in several months. His stubbled face was unshaven and gaunt looking, but at least he did not share Murray and David’s need for glasses. The older geek’s eyes went wide at the sight of the two beautiful cheerleaders. When Murray had said that a couple of girls from school were coming around tonight he’d never even imagined anything like this.

Eric smiled. It was payback time. “I dare you,” he said, looking at Jill. “To take the rest of Jill’s clothes off.”

As the yelp reached her throat the third blow struck her before she had time to brace herself against it. The sudden sting flooded her loins with a burning pain. She almost wet herself with excitement. Her young breasts were swinging wildly, watched avidly by the onlookers, revelling in her humiliation.

We all finished with a smile!

I leaned down and licked the strand of cum from her stomach continuing over her breast and across her erect nipple. She pulled my mouth to hers and our tongues swirled about sharing the taste of my passion for her.

"What are you making, some punch" she asked as she stood behind me.

"I certainly want to," stated Octavia, snatching up her towel and kitbag. "I've been too long in this armor and I itch everywhere."

"Mr. Peters, I recognize, and I sincerely appreciate, that your methods have apparently resulted in some degree of improved demeanor and perhaps even test scores for some of the students with whom you have had the pleasure of, shall I say, 'instructing.' But, sir, with all due respect, I must inquire as to whether your approach has ever resulted in any acts or incidents that might bring some untoward embarrassment to our esteemed college."

"Oh," she replied with sarcasm. "It was Howie. What? Did Howie take your cock out for you and put it in her pussy for you?"

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