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Brittany slid her hand into her shorts, "Just thinking of Tom playing with my tits is making me wet, you hear that Tom, you make my pussy wet just thinking of you all hard, feeling my tits. I'd love to have your cock between them, fucking them, squirting your cum on them."

"Stay on the line, ma'am; please try to stay calm. We've dispatched the trucks to your house, and they should be there shortly. I need to get some information.

" Tommy, Your personal trainer has transformed your once skinny body to a teen MR. universe body and now the same personal trainer has transformed your Mothers fat body to a shapely one! My Mom continued happily, as I kept on drooling over her super-stacked, curvaceous physique.

She took another puff on the cigarette, looking up at the stars shining down through a clear sky. "I'll follow your lead,” she said at last.

She continued, "On the other hand, I don't want you having sex with anyone else! The thought of you holding and kissing another woman, of being between her legs, of putting your beautiful penis inside her, giving her the pleasure you give me—the idea of it makes be physically ill.. I want you all for myself! Our love-making is special to me because it's just for us, because neither of us ever shares ourselves with anyone else in that way."

Penelope said, "That's fine, Tiffany. You can sit down." She looked over the list Todd had written down on the board. "Let's see, I can see where you get #1. David here is bulging all over. But what about #2? What do you mean, 'hairless'?"

"Well it's pretty cool outside here, say about 50, so you'll need a coat for the trip to the airport."

Nadia lifted her head and said to me, "Jack, if you don't stop working on my toes like that, I am going to cum way too soon."

I didn't hedge my bet. I put my lips right on his asshole. There was no discernible taste, and the only odour was one of sweat. I let some of my spit drool out. It was time for my tongue.

When we got there, Patty pulled me into our bedroom, where we striped and got into bed. She was in a hurry, laying on her back and pulling her legs up by holding her ankles. I nearly fell into her still sodden cunt, driving deep enough that during the ensuing fuck, the purple head of my cock softly bumped her cervix several times. By the time I blew my load into her, Patty had already cum several times, screaming her pleasure at me each time.

Do you remember the first time we made love and how you cried and I cried because I thought I had hurt you?__

She was naked under the nylons!

I got a little bolder in the spring, upped the volume I was trading, and the sixty was nearly half a million when I pulled out and moved the money into government paper, closed my account. Here's a word of advice. Never hang in for the last cent. Eighty percent of a sure deal is always better than getting burned going for everything. Ask them dot com boys: a little less greed and a tad more bailin' out woulda saved their sad asses. I knew she'd reached the point where McCarthy was gonna hafta make his next move soon. Hell, he was happy. Her buyin' and sellin' and then buyin' back meant he had thirty million dollars worth of stock and it had cost him less than half that. I stayed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, anxious to learn.

The Dr. began slowly speaking, "It was 1959...I was called to Palenque, South America, by Doctor Keyser. Who was doing an Archeological dig there. He had found some encryptic writings that he was not familiar with and believe me, Dr. Keyser was the second best encryptor in the world as far as the Incas and Mayan cultures." Dr Reinhold was silent a moment and studied Martin, then began again.

"That is Tom's wife; beautiful isn't she?"

"Honey I suggest you go home and get some rest, there's no sense in killing yourself over these miscreants."

Nick quickly pulled himself away from Ashlee. "N-nice to see you Ash," he stammered

"Yes, you do like it," he said. He spread her ass cheeks and touched her asshole with something cold. Pam shrieked, thinking for a moment it was the knife, then relaxed when she realized it was just grease. She was trembling with genuine fear and panting hard. Her adrenaline was flowing and her heart was racing.

Amanda held onto my arms and soon I heard the splash. When she was done she reached for some toilet paper but seemed unable to get the job done, so I took the paper from her and wiped her. Under other circumstances that would have been a very sexual moment. It was sensual and tender but not sexual.

An effective way to change the subject!

My computer rested on a little desk that was on carpet rollers so I could move it around easily for cleaning. As she climbed into the bed, I pulled the desk over next to the bed, gave her the wireless mouse, and then climbed between Jenny's legs. A few quick strokes with her fingers along my shaft and massaging my balls brought back my erection and I plunged into her pussy. While I concentrated on fucking her, she read the words on the screen and we tried to follow, as much as possible, the same actions as were in the story.

"Oh no nothing like that. " She laughed. "It's just that the sheriff stops by and picks up a thermos of coffee. So don't get any funny ideas!" She said obviously teasing, as she wagged her finger at me again, smiling.

"Don't concern yourself overly about it, Sexy. I'm flattered that you feel so comfortable to be as at ease as you were. It's fine, and I don't think badly of you for being so 'familiar' with me. I rather enjoy seeing you so at ease."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Aren't you the guy that kidnapped, pierced and raped me? The guy who drugged me and served me to your friends? I think I still owe you buster. Don't fall asleep when I'm around, you may regret it."

"I stand corrected," Susan smiled. "Big, thick, iron-hard sister-and-mommy-splitting Alan Junior, I should have said! Quick, Angel, you take care of Alan's tragic sperm surplus and I'll help him eat."

Tears flooded her again. The stranger forced her to bend over by pushing her down and then proceeded to pound the living shit out of her.

"Stand up." Jenna stood up, her panties around her ankles, her ass bright red. He looked at her face; her make up was perfect. He assumed she wore waterproof makeup so she could work up a sweat while cheering. She really was a cute girl, struggling against her bonds.

Houston glanced into the sky. "What next?"

"You've been incredibly good for your 1st night as a Sapphic slave girl, so I will return the favor, eating you out as well." Connie told her.

"Keep doing that and come around here." I said. "I want to cum on your face and tits. Oh yeah baby I'm gonna cum."

My cock was pushing so rigidly against my shorts that I thought it was going to rip right through them. I grabbed hold and, to make sure they wouldn't see me, hobbled back downstairs, out the screen door, and flopped on to the lounge chair.

I woke with a start, his voice still ringing in my head - I must have been thrashing around in my sleep because I had thrown off all the bedclothes and, as I slept naked, felt a definite chill in the room. Before I could cover myself I heard, or rather, felt a strange hum all around me and, though at first I thought it was just my eyes adjusting to the darkness, the room gradually becoming lighter.

"What, pet?" He started to read again and then looked up at her and grinned. "Oh, that's right, you can't tell me what, can you? Well, go take a shower, and make it fast. I left an outfit on the bed for you to wear." she made a noise and pointed to her mouth, and He snapped His fingers and got up off the couch, pulling a small bag from His pocket as He walked over to her. "I did forget something else, didn't I?"

at I was about to say go right out of my head. You watched me, listening carefully.

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