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"I'm a slave to this cock," Jennifer told herself. "God, please let me be a slave to this."

What happened was this: upon entering a clearing the small party came to some native huts which seemed to be deserted. While the sailors foraged for food, William and Fanny held each other in their arms. William had his pistol loaded and ready. A group of natives suddenly entered the clearing, and seeing the young couple, began to whoop and cry in a strange tongue. The men were tall, muscular and naked. Their hair, faces and bodies were daubed in red mud. As they approached, William raised his pistol and fired at the nearest African, knocking him down with a ball through the chest. His companions immediately attacked with spears and clubs. William threw himself gallantly in front of his new bride and was soon impaled and beaten until he was unrecognizable and very, very dead.

I smiled warmly.

"So?" she grinned. "Slide up on the edge. Did you trim?"

It didn't take him too long to bury all 7 inches of his old cock inside her bowel and having achieved his goal, he stood still in order to give her some time to adjust to the new situation. Her body started to shiver uncontrollably as her ass muscles were making the necessary adjustments to contain the mass of the rude intruder as a whole, rendering the pain inside her guts unbearable. Dr. Harding couldn't ask for more as her delicate membrane, being warm and clung around his inflated tool like silky tights, was giving him the most intense and exquisite massage he had ever had.

So, once again, Mum's authority drove me to sit there in front of her and play with myself. At first, due to sheer shyness, my efforts were very half-hearted but she lay on her side next to me, put down her book and very deliberately watched me, insisting that I got on and did it properly. Because of my growing need for the loo, the desperation for sexual relief, the added arousal of being watched and seeing an extremely womanly naked body just a few feet away, I abandoned all caution and started wanking properly and, what's more, really enjoying it. I was breathing heavily and my penis became bigger and harder, my knob more deeply purple and my eyes fixed on my mother's body. In spite of my intense arousal and possibly because of some residual timidity as well as having wanked three times the day before, I didn't come straight away. I must confess also to wanting to prolong it as I began to stop being embarrassed. After a short while Mum sat up and announced that she needed a top-up of sun-tan oil and proceeded to rub some into her breasts. Needless to say, as soon as she started that, it pushed me over the edge and I started to squirt powerful and massive jets of come all over my chest. Mum watched as she carried on rubbing her tits. "That was spectacular; I expect you feel a bit better now? Here, have some tissues." And she watched as I wiped myself clean. Then I had the same problem as the day before. In spite of a very powerful ejaculation, my erection didn't go away at all but just stayed there throbbing and pulsing very visibly and my embarrassment returned. I felt I had to make some excuse so I said, "Sorry, Mum it sometimes takes a while to get back to normal – I expect it will as I walk to the loo." So I got up with it still poking right up in the air and hurried off to the toilet. Needless to say, it didn't go down but I just managed to bend it down enough to slash. Then I had the embarrassment of walking back with it still stiff and bouncing around. It felt really peculiar as well – sort of numb and almost disconnected but, at the same time, still needing relief. It was red and raw looking too because of all the wanking over the last twenty-four hours. But it felt as if it would never go away. I sat down on the lounger feeling sort of defeated and wondering what humiliation would follow next.

She studied me and then said that she'd had too much to drink on an empty stomach but that was over some time ago. She told me that my pinch had brought her out of it and felt so good that she'd had to find out what the rest of me was like. She had she said and liked it all. In fact had already decided that she loved it all and needed more.

"Well, it would be nice to have something new for William and Steve to see," I answered.

Mark tapped on the pad again.

"Excuse us for intruding, Miss O'Brien. I'm Detective Grayson Monroe."

"Seventeen! That's younger than me," I exclaimed, and then realized Miriam was only seven years older than me, that she was closer in age to me than to mom.

Man, I was in literal heaven! The last few weeks had been a whirlwind for me, and I couldn’t be happier. I walked around LA with a 24/7 grin on my face. I even smiled when I slept. When I got around to sleeping that is. Usually I was way too busy fucking to get around to it. After my interview with Beverly, I knew right away that I needed to move to LA, I just had to. Being a friend, and grateful for all the ‘exercise’ I gave her. So, she set me up with a place to stay, which was with her. And even a job as a stagehand on ‘7th Heaven’. It was fantastic. I had a great job, an amazing place to live; I was in a tropical climate. And to top it all off, a slutty little whore to fuck as much as I pleased. One couldn’t ask for more, or so I thought. I didn’t think life could get any better, that is, until my first day on the set of the show.

"No I didn't, but her attention was elsewhere when I took it."

"Darling, it's wonderful." And then they moved in rhythm, slowly at first and then the tempo gradually increased till both had orgasms at the same time. Silvia's muffled moans became a scream as she reached the climax.

"Fuck me. Pleae fuck me. Oh, don't stop. Don't stop now." She begged. She was worried he would cum too soon and not finish the job. She learned that experience was better than youthful energy as the old man kept pounding her snatch. "Yes, yes. There." She hissed as one hand slid down and a finger nudged at her butthole. "Ohhh god, Now." She called out when the stubby digit pushed it's way into her tight asshole. She shuddered as her climax hit.

"I do. The villagers look out for me, but mostly I just take care of myself." She smiled. "I don't mind, though. Now let me bandage you up."

My tongue pressed deeper and deeper inside of her. She was all I could smell, see, feel and taste. Her body broke into orgasm as my tongue writhed deep within her, her hips rotating against my face, covering me with her smell.

"Did you like the taste of her cum on her belly?"

Kathy took the leash, which was fully extended now. She gave it a slight tug, and I moved closer.

"Oh, this feels good, Jon. So damn good."

"Oh, thank God," she said, "I want you to fuck me two more times before Julie gets home. I was afraid we wouldn't have time." (all characters are at least 18 years old)

"Do you think I'm attractive?" I asked him one day.

"If I have to."

You did that schoolgirl giggle. That did it. I wanted you in the worst way. I reached my hand out and you grabbed it. I pulled you out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I threw you onto our king size bed. We had a dresser with four drawers next to the bed. Every drawer was full of goodies. I opened a drawer and pulled out a blindfold and scarf. First, I used the scarf to tie your wrists together. I told you to keep your arms straight out, behind your head. Next, I tied the blindfold, so you couldn’t see. I got out an eight inch dildo, a fourteen inch double-headed dildo, nipple clamps, and my trusty paddle. I placed these items on the bed next to you. I grabbed the nipple clamps. I put them on your hard nipples. A strange sound escaped between your lips. A mix between pain and pleasure. I adjusted the clamps.

I raised my head to catch sight of Kim's face. She was breathing heavily and her eyes where half closed, as she seemed dazed. I took the opportunity and lifted myself up to place the head of my cock at her pussys entrance. Kim opened her eyes and began to struggle but I lowered my weight onto her pinning her legs back against her breasts.

Their performance was incredible, probably the best I've ever seen them play. Myra especially sang and moved like never before. Her voice was angelic, her moves sensual and breathtaking. No stripper in the world could come close to moving as erotically as she did. She had often made eye contact with me during shows but this time she seemed to put something else in her stare. I didn't know what it was exactly but I liked it. I jumped, head banged, and screamed like I had always done, but I was sure to pay extra attention to Myra.

"So how's Clinton?" Kelly couldn't help asking.

She was waiting for him at their camp. Eventually, having grown sick of fish, Trinity had been trying to figure out ways to spice it up a bit. He paused to watch her as she sliced up a banana with a knife long gone dull. Whatever she's planning, Zane thought, grinning, it ain't gonna work. He dropped down next to her in the sand to begin the rather unpleasant--especially with a dull knife--business of gutting the fish.

The effect of the hair removal served to make the hair on my head looked even longer!

Sharon had only ever tried this a few times in the past and only with Peter, she had not enjoyed doing it for him but this huge unfamiliar cock seemed so much more inviting to her all of a sudden. Swallowing hard she stared at its gristly length, she cautiously bent her head to taste it. Cautiously she kissed the tip of the head; a moment later her tongue tasted him for the first time. Hearing him grunt as her tongue slid over the smooth bulbous head spurred her on and soon she was concentrating her efforts licking and kissing the huge glistening crown whilst she watched Raven start to suck on his balls. In no time at all Sharon had the crown in her mouth and was sucking him off in earnest. He in turn slid his hand between her thighs to stroke excited slit. Glancing across she noticed he was pleasuring Raven in a similar fashion; it excited her to watch him. Then two of his fingers slithered into her so easily they sank to the knuckles, she gasped in eager response enjoying the feeling as he began to pump them in and out of her aroused flesh.

My cock swells and starts to boil. Deep in my balls it grows this overwhelming feeling of cuming – I shut my eyes and imagine you here – oh so good – so fucking good as I erupt in shaking spasms. - Please write to me some more. 'Just touch me sweet lover – please – just touch me... '

" I doubt that." he said, as he walked away.

The two of them spoke in German, and then Ilsa introduced me to him. His name was Karl. He was very friendly, asking me about where I was from in America and so on. So it was a huge shock when he suddenly said "So Ilsa tells me you want to sleep with

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