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"I never imagined that there were so many options," Gretchen admitted to me a bit wide-eyed. "Big, small, long and short. It's my turn to goggle; I can't get my mind around this. I think I'll leave this to you, Love. Surprise me."

As soon as he hit the door I was so ready for him. Horny as could be and needing him real bad. I could not get his clothes off quickly enough and my hands were all over him. Soon I was laying on the coffee table my legs draped down each side Brian's mouth planted firmly where I wanted it to be I love the magic of his tongue When he stopped and kneeled at the edge of the table and took his hard shaft in his hand and began stroking himself I knew he remembered too. My fingers spread the folds far apart and my very hard clit was exposed to the cool air and grew even harder and bigger while I waited.

"Drive around and look for it." She instructed.

In fact, that was when we started hanging together more. We made Saturday morning board and game a ritual. I would skate till the asphalt got unbearable and then we'd head for the fields for a Frisbee or V-ball game. I tried to get him on the board a few times. He sucked at it almost as bad as I did at team sports, but tried to look cool doing it. I suppose it was just as well; he got to spike me into the sand more than a couple times in V-ball. It was kind of like sibling rivalry; to me it felt almost like foreplay. Being with Bryan made me feel special; not the "in the glow of a popular guy" special, but he simply seemed to genuinely like me and went out of his way to make me feel welcome.

“I just like to do it,” she explained and smiled. “It feels so naughty and I get so turned on,” she added. I listened intently and looked her over. Candi was one hot piece of ass and a nympho to boot. She was going to make some guy or guys very happy. She slid closer to me and her hands went right for the front of my pants. I leaned back in my seat and let her show me what she liked so much. Her hands deftly undid the button at the top of my Dockers and slid my zipper down. The sound of a zipper being unzipped never was so sweet for me. I watched Candi work and was impressed. She was as careful and dedicated to undoing my pants as she was behind the wheel.

The pleasure that had been building up in me ever since I had started my lip synching seemed to converge in my groin and explode out my cock. Just as I thrust into her pussy and kissed her, I ejaculated the first time. Twice more, I rammed my cock into the wet, warm place that had been so good, another burst of semen spurting into my condom. After the third thrust, I also collapsed, sprawling on top of Cindy, both of us happy and tired.

Charles seemed nervous again. "Uh, yeah. Over the past couple of years, we've become very fond of you both and Caty and I have admitted to uh-" he cleared his throat "-admitted to being sexually attracted to you as a couple."

“I will not do that sort of ritual because I find it unethical. We do have kits outside in the store that you can try yourself. I won’t charge you for the time that we talked since I really didn’t give any service except listening.”


I begin squirming and open my mouth to shout when a large hand clamps over my lips and a low, deep voice growls into my ear, "Hush, baby. Don't fight and you won't get hurt any more than necessary."

"Yeah," Shane corrected himself. "What is it?"

"I'm the guy who figures out where all the plumbing goes," Jeff said with a laugh. "It's not very glamorous. What I really do is work with the architect and the builder first to see that the building design conforms to the requirements of its purpose for power, water, structural requirements, etc. Then I work with the builder to make sure that everything that's constructed conforms with the plans, agrees with the building codes, stuff like that. It's as much a blue-co1lar job as a white-collar one and the money is pretty good. Guys like me say the architect gets all the prizes and we do all the real work, but that isn't true. Most of the design stuff is done on computers now, so my main job is in the field working with the hard-hats. I like it a lot." They talked some more, and Jeff became more obvious about looking Jill over.

"Same here."

"It was unbelievable."

"Yeah. I like it. Been here maybe 2 years. Let me just stand and hold the light for you." I leaned against the doorframe, lantern in my right hand. As she turned, her back now to the wall, the light illuminated her face in the otherwise darkened room. I just looked, said nothing, just looked.

"That's alright, I won't have to worry about messing it up then, women are so fussy about things like that. Feeling someone up, I mean looking at them with your fingertips, isn't like looking at someone out of the corner of your eye, after all." He said and grinned.

She stopped in mid flow, as if making up her mind whether to go on. With an air of steeling herself for a difficult decision, she went on with a forced, unconvincing casualness.

"I'm sorry," Sada said. "Alastair, will you wait outside, please?"

Master Lin is also agile. He reaches under Cathy's skirt and finds her bare wet clitoris. He inserts his index finger into her vagina and moves it back and forth. His left hand, which is put on Cathy's shoulder, pulls her to him closer. With the help of Master, Cathy reaches the first orgasm of that day.

She screamed to fuck her hard and I started to hammer my huge cock in and out of her, causing ripples on her plump ass with every stroke. I pistoned in and out of her for at least 5 minutes until my wife's moaning got higher and higher in pitch.

His hands were those of a truly great explorer. A pathfinder extraordinaire. His fingers traced every pimple, indentation, ridge and furrow of first one of my breasts and then the other. he spit on his palm to give each of my nipples the centrifugal treatment so that the nipple grew like a bullet and was tugged in all directions by the drag of his wet palm. Each tingle was sent by carrier pigeon to my vaginal nerve centre. Already I had the need to expose my pussy to him, I opened my legs to prevent access delay.

"What do you want me to lick, little girl?" Cindy asked as she toyed with her young lover.

I realized that I already had a finger inside my own panties, rubbing my clitoris as I watched Steph give Anna pleasure. Her head was thrown back, her back arched, her eyes shut. Steph had both hands on Anna’s beautiful, round ass, pulling her into her face. Anna’s large breasts shook as Steph tongued her. It was incredibly exciting to me.

"John!" Rob said hoarsely, frozen and unable to move... it wasn't like pulling out of Wendy's ass was going to suddenly change the situation, and he was too in shock to even try.

The two of us just sat there in each others arms for a few minutes before getting up and heading for the showers. Once we had both cleaned up we headed back downstairs and sat on the couch. This time she was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Within the hour Mike came in from his night out and sat on the couch with us and gave Jessica a kiss. As we all sat there watching television Jessica and I couldn't help but to flash each other looks. For the rest of their stay Jessica had a couple of other days were she "wasn't feeling good." by Prof. Richard W.

"I couldn't help moaning as his tongue moved from the bottom of my pink slit right up to my little hand gripped your cock even tighter...but then all of a sudden he quit...I wanted it to last forever...but he stopped and moved his body...

I couldn't help but notice when my neighbors from the lanai strolled in. the tall dark haired woman and the well-maintained dark haired man. Luck would have it that they would choose a table that faced mine. For the first time I saw the face of the dark man. He was handsome. His chiseled face, strong and lean, sea blue eyes full of mischief and lustful intentions towards the absolutely stunning woman in his presence. They exuded sexuality. Everyone in the immediate area took notice of the couple as they settled into their table.

I was up on the dance floor with the others for quite awhile in the beginning, but soon enough the whiskey and cola drinks I'd already drunk back before coming out hit me hard and I had to go sit down in one of the booths. There weren't that many booths left, thanks to the crowds, but me and my best friend Bob O'Malley, who I'd known since grade school, found one at the back and dropped down with a couple of deep sighs.

Jenny laughed. "Yeah. Y'all tell ME what you need, and Ah get it for ya. Then when the order comes in, Ah jus' tell him he put it on, and he believes me. He never remembers half of what he orders anyway. I would need ya both to do me a favor back, though."

"You know me. I'm a willing student."

"'I'm here!' she called. I ran in, tried to hug her, and she grumbled, 'Don't, Ginny! You'll smear my makeup!'"

"I think you'll need to get rid of this too, or it'll be soaked." He lowered it to her ankles and helped her step out of it.

In our earlier encounters together, we'd gone down on each other, so I had a chance to see that Ryan's member was above average, and I'd often fantasized about what it would be like to have him inside of me. It soon became obvious that I was going to get my wish. It is well known that running, or any other form of exercise, can make you horny, and when I realized what was happening between Ryan and I, I couldn't wait to fuck him. I had been having sex with my boyfriend for several months, but had yet to have an orgasm during sex. I had been masturbating for several years, but still considered myself sexually inexperienced and the topic had never come up with my boyfriend before. I had read that it was difficult for many women to achieve orgasm through normal sex, so I didn't think that this was abnormal.

Watching. as she slid her hands up her legs to smooth out her hose ensuring that they were straight. Then bending, with her proud breasts briefly hanging before being thrust forward as she picked up her light blue, silky blouse. A silent melody was playing somewhere as she let the blouse float gently down her arms and over her chest. She then buttoned it up except for the top two buttons. Then bending again to give him a glorious view of her firm round ass cheeks and the fabulous, clean shaven pussy lips that peeked out from between her legs. She carefully stepped into her short, black skirt one leg at a time.

“Is it?” He asked coyly, then ran his hand up the insides of my legs, stopping at against my crotch. “I think you’re kinda turned on by this…I think this is not only something you need but something you really WANT.”

She sat for a moment, mulling over what she had just heard. It was not the first time she’d considered the possibility that the boys had been checking her out. They often were on the step, having a beer when she got home from work, and she’d smile and give them a small wave and they’d happily return the gesture. And the day she’d been tanning topless in the backyard, she’d been sure she saw the curtains move in the upstairs

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