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"Ha, who hasn't?" Marion said, waving her hand lightly. Shannon nodded her agreement, her blonde hair riding up and down her shoulder with the movement of her head.

"And yet somehow you managed."

Forgetting about the crowded beach, she turned and glanced toward her son, seeing that he did have a hard-on. His cock pressed at the front of his trunks, and she could see a small movement as it throbbed. Richard was sliding his hand up and down his mother's thighs, almost panting with excitement. His excitement drove him, and the edge of his hand moved a little too high along the inside of her open thighs. Ruth gasped as she felt her son's finger press at the crotch of her bikini, then jerk away quickly.

Sophie just clung to my neck again and I just melted with maternal feelings mixed tinged with the sadness of knowing how much she must miss her mother.

"Okay! Okay!" Lara concedes, "I'm up!"

I raised my eyes and met hers. They were almost closed, but I could see the smile they barely hid.

That night, Nasrullah took her butt hole twice before the sun came up and as he showered the old Mir khan, (65 years old but as horny as ever) was treated to a fuck by Ruhi on the dinning table after breakfast... He took his time and came with a loud gasp of satisfaction.

"Maybe it's important. Maybe she's got some kind of medical condition and she needs to get to the doctor?"

"He's got interview C. They been in there for about ten minutes. Chief is sitting in watching, he ain't gonna be happy to see you."

"God, you're driving me crazy, woman."

Unable to contain my noises any longer, I let them out. A wave of erotic moans burst out Accompanied by sighs and gasps. In between moans and sighs, I manage to say, "Oh jesus christ, go, go!!"

Of course I had another reason for wanting to be alone in the shower and away from the prying eyes of my camp mates. After a quick soaking, I grabbed the soap from my pouch and began lathering up. The sting of the water combined with the cleansing of the soap and brought my weary body back to life, and in so doing, allowed my thoughts to drift back to the many magnificent creatures I had the pleasure of observing down at the beach earlier in the day.

Your eyes trying to break into
My wayward and concrete soul
No You cannot seep into it!
Try and chisel it away with Your words
It was You who has done this not I
For my world was better with out You

My actions belied my words. I began to kiss Kiefer's face. Then I moved down to his luscious chest. He always mildly protested when I worked my way to his nipples and began to nibble them. He didn't think it was quite right for him to enjoy this attention so much. I'd always told him it was silly for him not to enjoy what felt good. He didn't always believe me though. The boy had hang-ups. Fewer now than when we'd first met, but he still had several. Those were old stories though. Stories that had stayed with me and me alone and had probably helped buy me the decade I'd enjoyed.

"That's one of the things I love about you," he says. "You cum at the drop of a hat and you drop the hat." He places his fingers on my nipple, flicking it lightly. I cum again. He won't stop. I can't stop. I'm humping his leg as I cum harder and harder.

As I awoke, our bedroom was still very dark. The clock on the nightstand told me it was a few minutes after four. Snoring away next to me was my husband Ben, the man who had given me the orgasm by licking my pussy over and over before finally taking my clit between his teeth and sending me tumbling off the cliff.

“OK, Sounds like fun.” Marilyn said.

Tia's laugher rang out, calling more eyes to fall upon the beautiful women so engrossed in their conversation. "No, oh no. My Lord would be a very loving and devoted husband to the right woman, a woman who could tame his wildness and mend his heart which was cracked by what abuse was done to him. His scars don't show as deeply on the outside as they can be felt on the inside, my Lady. He needs a kind hand, a tender hand, to show him the way of love."

I smiled at Lisa and started tossing my clothes onto the pile. It was going to be hell sorting out our things later, but that didn’t matter now. I felt so relieved to be out of all my clothes and in the same room with Nate. But once I looked over at the bed I wondered how I was going to get to him through all the bodies!

Billy, so sweetly, so gently, ever so slowly, slower than I could have imagined, entered my body.

The day before the wedding, Katie's dad and her sisters showed up on our doorstep. She had sent them an invitation but didn't expect to hear back. They hadn't talked much since we moved away. Yet there he was, wanting nothing more than for his child to know how much he loved her.

Joujoue dropped to her knees and began fumbling with the button on my shorts. Unfastening the kaki shorts she pulled them down with my briefs allowing my cock to flop out in her face. She was going to suck my cock before taking it into her pussy.

Rick established a yearly plan that was filled with activities and events for the year. It included meetings every other week, laser tag, camping, and trips to museums. The scouts of Woodley Falls never had much money and they were always hurting for gear but a new sporting goods store opened up in the neighboring town and funded part of their camping trips and the laser tag adventure to their sister store. It was Rick who had made the first contact with the store and Michelle who had followed up and closed the deal. Rick had made this scouting troop a place to be for both kids and parents. Most parents wanted to be on the Steering Committee and Michelle was no exception. She worked hard and tried to be the best scout mom ever in the hopes that she could fill the vacant position on the committee.

I was spending the day at my friend Roger’s house, and was planning on staying the night. We spent much of the rainy day in Roger’s back yard, which bordered a rushing swollen drainage stream. Needless to say, we were soaked by late afternoon when Roger’s mom called us in for dinner. His mom made us strip off our wet, muddy clothes in the mud room just off the garage before she let us in the house. She had supplied two large Turkish towels in which to wrap ourselves.

"Michael, I remember you as a scared, skinny little freshman when you first moved here. But I always knew you would grow into a handsome young man and that once you did..." She literally threw herself on top of me after those words. Her lips tasted like the stairway to heaven itself. I managed to get an arm free enough to take my glasses off and set them on the coffee table. We kissed like two teenagers, before she got up and racing to the bedroom, shedding clothing as she went. Not to be outdone, I left my own attire in the living room and followed her. She was on her back with her knees raised, hiding her pussy from my direct sight.


"Oh, and Cade...since I won the bet, I'm giving Erin the shares as a wedding gift."

I let her lie their motionless while I got dressed and left a letter on her chest. It read, "Hey hunny did you like your surprise." Part 1: Sounding

"God," I grunted, shoving my fingers in and out of her hot pussy. "I want to fuck your cunt!"

He turned carefully on his heels, then smiled, hands on hips. He could see Liza standing next to Laura, smiling at him.

Matt pressed a button the moon roof above them buzzed open to reveal a full moon lighting the sky. The tall buildings of Chicago passed by as the limo sped to the destination. It had been years since Dawn had been in a limo and she wanted to make it night to remember.

I smile at him and take a drink of champagne. The glass is real crystal I think.

Linda suggested we stop at a boutique she knew of which just happened to be near where we were going for lunch. We pulled into a nice little Italian restaurant and ate, the girls ordered salads. With the wedding quickly approaching, they were all watching their figures.


She excused herself and left me alone with him. He was in a corner, sitting quietly on a cushion. He had been watching us chatter and play the game. I beckoned for him to bring more wine and he did as he was told. I took his arm and removed the glass decanter from his hand. Setting it on the table, I had him sit beside me on the floor.

She let her head lean back to my arm and slid closer to me.

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