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'Milk, orange juice, strawberries, and sandwiches! Score!'

Before we entered this place my wife was an everyday housewife that was faithful and a little princess. Now she was a cock starved horny whore that wants her and her husband to suck and fuck other men. We left her car at the peep show and we drove home in my car. As we were traveling home she was telling me how she was going to get a job at the peepshow. She ask me if it would be O.K. I just don't know what to say.

"That's fine, I just want to know what direction they are leaning or if they are set one way or the other, please continue."

I took it out of the drawer, feeling the weight of it in my hand. It was huge, much bigger than any cock I had ever seen, and it was shaped just like a cock, with the bulbous tip and veined shaft. I turned the red dial on the bottom and it buzzed gently, making me jump. Curious, I turned it further, and the buzzing got louder, stronger, the sound filling the room. I turned it off quickly, as if someone might hear, looking around and feeling guilty.

Except for the looks Rob got from the stewardesses as he headed to the front of the plane, he would have been off quickly. It was clear that the cute blond and her coworkers had shared a laugh at Rob’s expense. For some reason, he decided to turn it around on them.

I'm glad you seemed to enjoy yourself so much on our last date, you're awfully hot when you're being fucked every which way and enjoying it so much. This Friday you're going to be all mine though. We're going out again, I'll mail you a package of what I want you to wear, along with a few items. 5pm on Friday Princess. Last date.

"Take it off!" a voice yelled from the dark audience.

I’m so excited! In less than two weeks you’ll be here! Makes my pussy gush just thinking about it. As to where to stick your cock first, I suggest anywhere you want it except in a light socket or meat grinder.

Jesus! Claire, you need to get a grip. This is a hospital, and you're on duty.

He stood before her and looked into her eyes for a moment. No words were spoken, but he nodded questioningly and she nodded back her consent. He reached around her and picked her up by the ass. He hoisted her to his waist and pulled her legs around his waist. Reaching under her, he brought his rock hard cock up to her pussy and thrust it into her.

"Okay so we've got two sore assed, a sore lower back, and another sore part, anything to add Nikki?" Jeff asked, he was starting to figure out what was going on and was much less disturbed than he probably should have been.

She feels herself growing scared and anxious. After nearly a dozen rings she is almost in tears. Then she hears the phone pick up. There is a moment of silence as she wonders if she has reached a recording. Would it even be him?

Tom won the next game and Jayne took off her pants and felt embarrassed when she was wearing white panties with little hearts on them that not only didn't match with her bra but looked very childish. It was Tom's turn to laugh at her misfortune, but being half naked in front of Tom worked well to Jayne's advantage, because he was so distracted by her body that he ended up losing the next game and took off his undershirt.

Our sex life, which we both always considered to be incredible, now was totally HOT! We both were so horny all day long. We grabbed at each other every chance we got. We were constantly kissing, sneaking little licks as we passed one another, giving little flashes. Then at night we had the most amazing sex!!! We also felt very close to one another and we broadened our horizons when it came to our fantasies.

Feeling her cum on his cock made Chris shoot his load into the rubber that sheathed his dick.

Rachel glanced at me and she suddenly began to giggle. Kelly turned toward me, and she giggled, too. I looked down, and my penis was tenting my towel. I felt my face burning, and I turned and took my stuff next door to the shower room. I decided I could shave later. As I hung my towel on a hook, I heard both toilets flush.

“I’m a very dirty Tory” ‘e said.

There was a sound -- it was Dominica sitting on the bed. There was a sensation of touch -- it was the back of her head being stroked. There was a command -- it was Mistress' voice.

tricia started to cry again, pushing her buttocks up against the slowly circling brush. If only He would get it over with. Please, Master, she thought, please.

By this time, someone had moved behind Susan and was caressing her tummy and moving his hands over her bra covered breasts. Jerry had moved in front of her and had begun to kiss her. His tongue pushed its way into her mouth and as she responded he seemed to suck her tongue back into his own. He sucked on it and caressed the tip with his own. She felt the catch on her bra being undone and her arms were pulled down to allow its removal.

"I think red will do nicely," she said as she tossed the blue one on the bed and crawled between Santha's splayed thighs. The tall woman produced a tube of lubricant from somewhere and slicked up the vibe as Santha struggled and screamed into her gag. Tears of humiliation poured down her cheeks as she felt this strange woman's hands on her most private parts, spreading her lips and pushing the cold ring of steel tightly against her.

Who is Tony to disagree? While he gets into his bathers Anna packs breakfast, croissants and a thermos of coffee. They pack a bag and head for Tony's favourite beach.

"Yes, I understand what you mean, but you enjoyed it when he used to cum all over you; so, how do you feel now?" asked S.A.M.

I was to accompany Armand to a place far from the city, to a barren stretch of seacoast populated only by the cresting waves and the remnants of civilizations past.

We got in and Tims' brother hooked us up with a VIP booth. I looked around for all the girls dressed as waitresses as we headed for the booth but didn't see my sister. We got to our booth and ordered some drinks. I looked around the room and saw that there were three small dance floors were girls in various stages of undress were dancing around a pole. The girl near us was a fucking knock out. She had small tits, but a fantastic ass and long legs. I looked out at the other girls and they weren't real close but I could see they were also fucking hot. There was a blonde on the far stage that caught my eye. I flinched for a second and rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Just then Tim got up and walked over to the girl near us and pulled a dollar bill from his pocket. I saw him stand real close to the stage while the girl gyrated and humped right in his face. She got down and spread her legs and rubbed her clit through her G-string. She then lifted up the strap of the G-string and looked up at TIm. Tim reached over and put that dollar right in under the strap.

We inherited a large mansion with three floors from her Grandparents a few years ago complete with the servant quarters on the third floor. As a matter of fact, the third floor is where I’ve been making myself home these past five months. Ever since Sue caught me with Darlene a redhead that works at my office I’ve been calling the third floor home.

Liana floated back to consciousness in a dizzying whirl of pain. A lancing, liquid pain between her legs and the smell of fetid breath on her face made her cringe and writhe against the ropes tying her down. Her mouth was crammed full of something dry, probably cloth – she bit down; yes, cloth – a gag. Her hands were bound behind her back; they were numb, the pain starting at the forearm. She opened her eyes and saw a huge, scruffy brute atop her, thrusting into her and enjoying it heartily. His hands crushed her breasts in a vicious parody of a lover's caress. She tried to scream but the sound was choked off by the gag.

The other man follows suit and pushes the head of his cock into my mouth. I am forced to swallow at a rapid pace to keep up with his production. After what seems like several minutes, he is finally done. Diligently, I lick the length of his long shaft to clean it. You are smiling to all present, proud to be the owner of such a good cock sucking bitch."

She smiled slowly in such a way that sent chills down his spine. He was somehow getting the impression that every action she made was planned. Carefully thought out to play on fantasies of his that she had somehow found out about. She sat down gracefully, then began casually rifling through her shoulder bag that she had with her.

Nancy is a predator. That's the only way I know how to describe her. She dances with most of the guys the same way Tom tries to dance with me. I get the feeling she would take Robert to bed in a heartbeat if she had half a chance. Tom and Nancy are an okay couple and they are fun to hang out with once in a while. They were just a little more freethinking than we were.

"It's too early to tell," the doctor confided, "but I'm confident it's not a cyst. I'll do another test to make sure."

"Damn mami..I'm gonna cum.." he grunted, pounding her harder, bringing her to another orgasm. And just as she climaxed, he pulled out and with a loud groan shot his cum all over her ass.

"Dad!" screamed Dolly.

Toni shot a glance at Jack before asking, "Has he got a big dick?" Jack was taken a bit by surprise at this question, but stayed silent.

She started to visit me at my office almost everyday, I'm the only person in the office and soon things got more intense! We started to make out like kids in an car, both holding back because of our family relationship, but both knowing what was eventually going to happen! We were having trouble

Jenny went to a small lunch café' down on Level 3 that was near here office/apartment and ordered a light meal.

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