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"Thank you, Shooter," she whispered back. "I'm having a wonderful time. My pussy is still tingling."

With that he let go of her arm and started to take a swing at me.

Alexia caught their reflection in the mirror. She felt she looked good getting fucked from behind. It was also becoming easier for her to have orgasms. She thought about her son and how proud she was of his huge cock.

I slipped back into the room Linda and Cindy were in. I was pleased to find that they were cuddled up together on the couch. Linda's legs were draped across Cindy's lap, and Cindy was gently fondling Linda's chest through the stocking while they talked. I could tell by the way they moved their bodies around that they were still excited.

She did.

She kept him there, waiting as she unpacked the groceries and put items into the cooler as needed.

"Yes, that would be the humming sound that he heard. I mean good grief girl, I walk out of the bathroom and find you sucking him off, then I listen to the two of you going at it hot and heavy, I am a red blooded girl and it got me so horny and so I needed to get my own relief."

Shane laughed, flipping on the radio.

She slowly set her wineglass down on the coffee table, "Oh god, Jon, what are you going to do?" She asked, horrified.

He pulled on her hips, pulling her back towards him. The head of his hardness poked at her, trying to find its home.

"What kind of job?"

Some of the gals had become frustrated because although I'd told her off and even threatened her with the beating of her butt I'd never done anything and she'd stay and return.

My mother exchanged some pleasant comment with each other kissed them again and moved out, I quickly moved back to my room and slipped out of the back of the house just as the door closed in my mothers bedroom.

"I didn't really want to disturb you, you looked so engrossed and peaceful," she apologised, "but I'm free now if you want to come over..."

"Um, where to, Sir?" The black cab driver asked watching Pamela as she tried valiantly to swallow my big black prick whole hog right there at the curb.

She bowed her back as she bucked back and forth on my dick.

"There is no need for you to apologize."

Then she saw Tom at the other end of the hallway walking out of the bathroom with her blouse and ripped panties in his hand. He held them up to her and her face got red and her hand went to her mouth. She stood there nude as he walked towards the kitchen and dialed the phone.

Today would be Kevin's first meeting with the new boss, and he was scared. She'd already let a couple of the people go, and transferred a few others to less than savory departments in the organization. She had power and she wasn't afraid to use it.


That evening, as usual, Pam left office first and headed to her home to tidy up and wait for her lord and master to arrive. Avil had today asked her to wear a old and short school uniform of hers, it was so ridiculous, the outfit barely covered her ass cheeks, the shirt left her navel bare. As she was arranging a bunch of fresh flowers on the coffee table, the door opened and Avil came in.

"Sure, Pris, what's up?"

She stayed kneeling in front of him, her breasts in front of him separated only by the semi sheer bra she had on. She took his hands in hers, pressed them to her stomach and then raised them up till his hands were at the clasp on the front of the bra that would allow him a full view of her breasts once he undid it. With slightly shaking hands he undid it.

"Shit," she said, under her breath. Putting the car in gear, she headed towards the ramp that led to the weak watery light of outside.

'Oh God Katie your ass is divine, Oh I cant wait, Oh God! Oh God! I'm cumming!'

"Yes, oh dear G-d yes," she whimpers in reply.

Leslie closed the front door and then opened her arms wide to embrace her lover. They held each other, kissing and moaning into each other's mouths.

You and I stand hip to hip and arm in arm, watching Brenda fuck Oscar's ass. "Big cock," she's cooing. "You like it! You love cock, the bigger the better, the rougher the better! Well, I'm going to give it to you." She starts screaming "Fuck you, butt-slut! Fuck your slut ass!" as she drives into him. He reaches for her big bouncing breasts, gripping them tightly enough to leave finger marks. She fucks his ass even harder.

I forget myself and push my cunt into your hand. Immediately you pull your hand from me.


Kent wrapped me in a towel and dried my hair and face. Then he again began kissing me. His mouth was warm and his hands explored every inch of me.

Paul mentioned my lack of phone calls and our love life was suffering at home but I couldn't find a way to fix it. I was becoming a nervous wreck and my work began to suffer. This only made matters worse when Addison began to pick up on it and make insinuations about adding me to the list. I avoided him more and more but he just applied more pressure. The last two weeks had been especially bad. Addison had me in his office repeatedly to go over the list, pick three more names and finalize the list for submission to corporate.

He started kissing her then, and there was no more talking, only muffled sighs and groans as their tongues entwined and their hips ground against each other in a fully-dressed simulation of sex.

Between the sales staff, the office staff, and all their spouses, we had around 35 or 40 people at the gala. There was a DJ and dancing after a very nice meal. I had a couple beers and felt quite relaxed and content. We had experienced a good sales year and my year-end tax statement was going to reflect it. I liked being in that small percentage that really benefited from the last tax cut. As I mingled, I was thinking that maybe I'd even vote Republican next time.

West then shrugs and looks at Billy, "Well, you heard the lady, she wants you to wait in there."

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