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I say nothing; I am mesmerized by the pictures and by Mrs. Schmitt's bold interest in them. She reaches over and puts her hand on my crotch.

I couldn't speak. My eyes traveled from her pussy to her tits over and over again like a yo-yo on a string. Then she did the most amazing thing. She took my right hand and placed it on her breast. "Go ahead and touch it. I won't break."

'Honestly Ian,' Annette said quietly. 'I understand. You're young, you have urges…'

I looked behind me and then behind where the frat boys were standing. At the end of the bar was a short corridor to the rest rooms. I took Leah by her hand and lead her into the corridor and pushed her up against the wall. She was wearing this light white blouse. I unbuttoned her blouse and then was able to undo her bra as it had a front clasp. Her breasts were not large though full and firm. I pushed the bra aside enough so I could put my lips on her nipple and draw it into my mouth. I felt the nipple get hard and I suck upon it and ran my tongue around the aureole. I could also feel myself getting hard. I only did this for a few moments when we broke apart.

She was, of course, not dead when Harold rang to get into the office. She had been able to comb her hair with an old comb she finally found in her desk. Harold came to her office door.

"Hey, wait a minute," Rainer said, reaching out and pressing his hand to the door. "You get really good grades, don't you? Maybe you could help me."

Sheri smiled, “A little.”

Despite her pleas he tied one arm firmly to the trunk of a tree and the other one to another nearby. He handled her struggling legs by tying her ankles to some lower branches, high enough to have them open and wide like a lascivious invitation. Rufus looked down at his victim, enjoying the sight of her body, rippling and undulating to get free. He admired the movements of her beautiful muscles. She was in his power he just could take his time, torturing her as well as himself.

"Oh, lose the gloves," she ordered.

That was it? This was my outfit? Where were the panties? Breasts and pussy on display. Tight leather corset. Collared and cuffed. Was that it?

"Hey," Lexi said. She looked Lynne up and down. "You look awesome!!!"

Bhabi gently pulled Sheeba against her and asked her if she wanted to join us for the fulfillment of her sexual desires.

Around noon, as Cindy made herself some lunch, she heard a car pull into the driveway.

After what seemed far too short a time, her shoulders hunched, and her fingers curled up and into her beautiful little body. When they emerged again, they were gleaming with a liberal coat of Mollie juice. Slowly, she trailed her shining hands back up her body, once again taking time to fondle her pretty little breasts, then when her tits and nipples glistened, she abandoned all pretense and popped as many fingers as she could into her mouth.

"Well young ones, normally confession is held inside the confessional and one at a time but if you would prefer we can return to my office and you may confess there and then we'll talk about the possibility of uniting you in marriage."

There was a good dozen children lined up on the fence, ranging in age from five to fourteen. Ethan was in the paddock, helping a young blonde girl onto the back of one of the shaggiest, fattest ponies Bea had ever seen. Grinning despite herself, she opened her case and had her camcorder out by the time she reached the fence. There was another woman there too, a brunette, probably only a few years older than she herself was.

"Yes Sir."

Janet was a little taller than her daughter, and was still in good shape. Her 34,B 26, 36 body wasn't as firm as it was ten years earlier, but she looked better than most women her age did.

"Yes, I have a client coming in at 2. I should be free around 4."

"Most of the time." Then he sighed. "We both liked it that way."

He smiled, almost shyly. "I'm sorry for the deception. I did not think, given the nature of the beast you could say, that I would be believed, had I been up front."

“Put it back in.” I ordered. “And don’t touch it. I’m going to make you take it.”

'God, Sarah...nobody has ever done that to me so well.'

I released the hold I had placed on my bladder, and nothing happened. I could feel the passage way opening up, and ah, here it comes. My piss forcefully surged up my hard cock and splashed onto my belly. I controlled it so it would not get onto my face. Holding back just enough pressure to get the satisfaction of release, while at the same time controlling the flow.

"Touch me."

Oliver saw stars as he lost all sense of time and place. He shuddered and let out a strange cry as his balls emptied deep inside that hot pleasure pit. He collapsed onto Harry's broad back and licked at the sheen of sweat that covered it.

"Have a goodnight Sam."

"Very pleased to meet you, Selma," I said with a lascivious grin.

He then pulled his massive cock out of Jennifer's burning red ass and rubbed his cock back and forth across her ass. Then thrusting it back into her ass. Jennifer gasping and moaning, he slapped her ass with all of his might, making her asshole tighten around his bulging hard cock. Bringing him almost to the point. She started the scream, "fill my ass with your cum!" Thrusting harder and harder, he began to shiver and quake as he launched his load into her tight burning ass. Jennifer moaning with great pleasure.

The Twins have collapsed from their frenzy, L has passed out from her last orgasmic spasm with Ben and we have been spent, falling over in the furs. We all slide over to L. I pick up her head and lay her in my lap with furs as Mom and the Twins fur her all over. We're kissing and cuddling with her as she dreamily comes too.

"See what I mean?"


That Friday, I didn't have to work until late. Dana kissed me and left for work; I slept in. After my shower, I sat down at the kitchen table to my coffee and corn flakes. That was when I noticed Jonathan. He was laying on the futon, wearing boxers and a t-shirt. I was embarrassed that I hadn't noticed him. I didn't want him to think that I was ignoring him; I'm just dense in the mornings.

"Isn't it true then that you can often find someone to pick up on the roads and relieve your loneliness?" she asked, surprising both herself and Bill.

"Doesn't bother me, but if you don't want to watch two guys play with their cocks; we'll stop."

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