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With that warm feeling coming over me I reached down and pulled her face into my pussy. Her tongue took over on my clit from her fingers that were doing a great job. I could feel my legs lifting high in the air without any control on my part. It was awesome.

"Yes, Markus?"

- - - - -

"Yeah . . . oh yeah. Stretch my ass."

Her light brown hair was feathered back in the front and hung loosely to her shoulder blades. Though it was mostly straight, there were some loose waves once it reached her shoulders. Her face was slender as well, matching her overall build, with high cheekbones, a small pert nose, and what appeared to be brown eyes. She always appeared to be smiling even when she wasn't. She wasn't stand out in a crowd beautiful, but I found her quite sexy in an average, 30-something, girl-next-door kind of way.

Jake headed out alone. He left early morning just before sunrise. The Texas sky was painted a bright orange color with sunrise just beginning. As he drove, Jake got to thinking. What if it was all a big mistake and maybe Lucinda Grant was someone else. Maybe his mother had gotten married or moved out of the country. Jake knew he was taking a chance but he had to. Ever since he'd learned that he was adopted, he wanted to find his biological mother more than anything. He felt a part of his life was empty until her found her.

Just before heading in for dinner, I saw a scrap of paper at the bottom of the cooler. I pulled it out and unfolded it. It was a note, in a woman's writing. It said:

She didn't get to pry any further because there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it."

I argued vigorously against it with my Uncle Mike. It was just wrong, and I didn't want any part of it. However, my big, burley uncle with the killer good looks and matching personality finally wore me down. The clincher was when he put his arm around my shoulders, gave me a hearty squeeze and said, "After all, we're family." Against my better judgment, I agreed to make the call.

“Yeah, yeah, the obvious stuff. What about her body?”

She had nothing to say to me the next morning. She was awake before me, and parading around the dorm naked. God, how I loved her body. I watched unabashedly as she got dressed. She gave me a look that might have been contempt, and then she was gone. I had no idea what to say to her.

She blew a kiss to the screen and then it went blank.

“Don’t say? Well, Mags is from down south somewhere. Can’t tell it by her accent, but she had a bad hick drawl when she first got to the City.”

"Look, I may be a man, but I am not dumb," he said, startling Vonn. She almost spilled her drink on herself. "I know you and Ashley are more than just friends, more than roommates. I am having a great time tonight and I hope that you and Ashley are, too. That's all I want."

She stroked his cock gently through his trousers. It swelled to half erect. She pulled down his zip, fumbled around in his pants, got his cock out. Ah, the feel of it again, warm and fat and swollen. She loved it. She had pretty much forgotten how much she loved it - raw bare cock, swelling under her fingers.

Why does it always work in the stories? I was just getting aggravated. I just wanted to make love with my wife but she wasn't going for it. That pretty much killed the evening for me. When we got back to the house, she told me that she didn't like the way I'd been acting lately. She blamed it on the stories. She always blamed it on the stories. She went to bed and I just shut the door and went to read some more stories.

One of the things we shared was the ability to talk. We found that we could speak openly and honestly about anything and not be afraid of the others reaction. That has been one of the best parts of our relationship. Even in sex we could be open and free. She had no false coyness or inhibitions about the topic or the act.

Her mouth was agape, her eyes on him, as he took off his clothes. Her mind was processing this event. He was old enough to be her grandfather, and he looked the part, what with his white hair and thin out of shape body. Until now, she had not thought of him as the bearer of a cock, much less that he would have any interest in putting it into her. In body size, he was half the man that Herbert is. As his stiff cock came into view, she was surprised to see that his cock was as large as Herbert's.

Now he had graduated and in a few short months would be moving away. She had to get used to the idea that she would be seeing less and less of him, which is the way it should be. A noise from the street caught her attention. The party must certainly be over by now, she thought, but curiosity led her to the living room to turn on the porch light and look out the bay window. She saw someone get into a car parked in front of the Matthews' home and heard the engine roar to life. She watched for a few moments until the car pulled away from the curb and once her curiosity was satisfied she turned off the porch light and returned to the bedroom.

'I'm not sure that he should be disturbing a scene of crime like that.'

Ms. Baker squatted down and reached for the knife. As she did, her eyes fell on his swollen penis. It was trapped down one leg of his shorts and was throbbing. She stared, her face mere inches from the tent in his shorts.

"Well," Autumn began, "I thought you would choose one that maybe you never tried before, but were always interested in trying."

"Ummmmm-huhhhhhhh," she choked out, grabbing hold of his dangling balls and roughly jerking and pulling on them as she hungrily sucked on his cock.

“Here”, was all Stacy said. She moved forward and took my dick in her mouth.

"Larry, what kind of girl do you think I am? Tell you what, I'll not only keep your habit a secret, I'll deliver some soiled undies every now and then for the rest of the year. As a token of goodwill."

"That's great," I said. "I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to this weekend. Django grabbed the suitcase and shoulder bag, leaving me with the briefcase and we followed Tia inside. Just as Tia reached the door, she let her coat drop to the ground revealing that my theory had been wrong. She wasn't completely naked underneath the overcoat. In fact, she was wearing a tantalizingly black thong that accented pure whiteness of her skin. Her perfect heart shaped ass was visible just for a moment before she disappeared inside the house, but it was enough to leave me weak at the knees. "See? What did I tell you?" Django said clapping me on the shoulder.

"Holy shit! Who's possessed and by what, Knight?"

I reached out and grabbed the thighs on either side of my chest and pulled her flowing river toward my mouth. I instinctively knew that getting a face and mouth full of her cunt cream would increase the incredible pleasure I was already experiencing.

"Tom and Carol said this is a great place, a once in a lifetime experience. They promised to meet us here at nine." Maddy drawled as she applied her makeup. How can you improve perfection? I didn't know, but somehow she always managed to do so. How could I, or anyone, resist her charms? Tom had managed to, which drove Maddy nuts. Carol was no dog, a radiant beauty of a blonde, who was warm and willing with anyone, Maddy had confided to me years ago. Tom seemed untouchable. As for anyone who didn't at least try to make a pass at Maddy, I worried if Carol would soon be shocked to find out he was gay.

Perhaps it was the order that Master had given her, but Taryn was very aware of Karen's body. Taryn could feel the heat from Karen's lovely body that was now pressed up tightly against her in the friendly embrace. There was nothing sexual about the embrace, as it was simply a warm greeting between friends. That didn't stop Taryn from momentarily wondering what she was wearing under those scrubs. With a shake of her head, Taryn pushed the nasty and troubling thought out of her mind.

I slowly got to my hands and knees, and crawled to the side of his bed. Without giving him a chance to cover up, I quickly moved between his legs and wrapped my lips around the head of his dick.

By the time the couple were on the way to the Key's, Lamar convinced Cris that it was in her best interest to withdraw all the money and place it in his checking account for safe keeping. Thirty-two thousand dollars and change less than half of what Lamar needed, a start. Glancing over at Cris he watched her. Cris was basking in the sun that was coming through the sunroof, wind blowing her long dark hair. Lamar justified taking Cris's money, though this time it felt different. With Ann he felt he disserved it, the bitch had gotten what she wanted and at the end she had become more demanding. Ann changed almost overnight from a meek innocent white woman, to a woman who wanted things her way or fuck you. Cris was different, hell they were starting a family.

Jacob nodded as he stopped to watch her walk away. He couldn't help it and was thankful that no one else was here to witness this. His eyes seemed to take on a life of their own as they slowly moved downward, following the curve at the small of her back and further down until he was staring at her round ass. The jeans she wore seemed to display those fine cheeks perfectly and Jacob found himself wishing that the edge of her jeans would slowly tumble off her hips to reveal what was hidden beneath them. Many times Jacob found himself watching her from a distance as she bent over to grab a book or two from a bottom shelf, or glancing as he passed by her desk at the small bit of cleavage that she teasingly showed off when she wore her low cut, dress shirts.


Nun: Mmmm now that feels better Father.

De Ann was so tired of her husband's insecurity over his small dick. She loved him in spite of his lack of manly meat dangling between his legs. She loved him because he was so attentive to her, and his family. A girl couldn't ask for a more considerate partner in life. She knew deep down that no one would ever love her the way Trent could. But for 48 hours, something had overtaken her. A strong passion, no, more like a overpowering needful lust to experience what it felt like to be taken, dominated and fucked by the largest cocks that she could ever imagine. At only five feet tall, a mere 107 pounds, De Ann felt like she was torn in two from the insisting pressure while those manly cocks ravaged her pussy. But that was in Vegas. Now she was heading home. Home to her friends, family and 'life' before her journey led her from the strip joints to the bondage backrooms of the city of lights. She could resume her daily routine that she never realized just how dull it was till this weekend. Trent however, needed comforting. He had been through so much. It was her duty as a wife to care for her husband. She only wished he could pound her with a big cock similar to how she was taken last night. But Trent was not good with his dick. Oh, he had plenty of sperm – she had 4 children to prove it. But he could only bring her off by licking her pussy. She never knew until this weekend what it felt like to be thrown over the edge into a wild orgasm while a giant cock penetrated her in places that her husband had never, or will ever touch. However, he could work wonders with that tongue of his and, he was the best she ever had kneeling between her legs. So she too took a deep breath and told him "Forget it. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Promise me that you will not tell anyone what happened to us."

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