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I'll say this for Matt, he never beat about the bush. He gave me the bad news almost as soon as we were seated at the booth in our favorite restaurant, the little Indian buffet place tucked away in the busy strip mall.

Helen plays a girl out on a date. I play her date.

Patty said, "I'd love to go back to work after I get this house settled."

"Come on, don't be a party-pooper, loosen up and let's have some fun; besides it will help your tan line. After all, it is only us girls. Shelly, take your top off and show your mom how good that it feels." Shelly did not want to anger her lover and quickly discarded her top. Both girls stared at the older woman expectantly; she nervously looked around and finally took her top off and turned red with embarrassment.

"Shit, lets find out shall we." With that I forced him on to his back, still with the head of his prick in me and began to slowly work back and forth on it. After getting used to one bit I would slide down a bit more. After several, exquisite minutes I had the entire thing buried in me.

He was helpless, barely able to raise his head to watch her.

"Hold on." he said. Lane stepped toward Becky and dropped to one knee. He looked up at her. She didn't look down at him yet still held the edges of her skirt in her hands, holding it up. Lane slid the panties to the floor. Becky didn't even flinch. Her skin smelled sweet and powdered to Lane.

I could feel his hot breath on my neck and I felt him stand up. Again my body was tense with anticipation of what would occur next. After about ten seconds, I felt him kneel on the bed behind me.

Suddenly, the slave’s hips rose off the table as his panting hit an almost impossible rate. A long moan came from his throat as the first thick rope of milk shot from his tortured cockhead. Lorin immediately slammed his hips down on the table pinning him there, his hips pushing upward off the table as another long rope of creamy goo shot out of him. Pushing his hips up off the table again, several more thick spurts shot high into the air as Lorin gripped him harder and increased her jerking action.

“I’m bringing it now, master.” She answered.

"Are you sure you don't mind honey?" and turned and laughed to his pals.

Marius smiled, stepped closer. "No, I just arrived. That is not something I taught you."

He tried to respond, but his lips refused to cooperate. The sound that emerged reminded Alex of Chewbacca the Wookiee in a rage. She knelt alongside the chair so she could look up and see his eyes. The fear-tinged anger that had been in them just a few moments earlier was gradually giving way to an unfocused somnolence. Soon, sleep would overtake him. Dan's cell phone vibrated in the pocket of his slacks, and he groaned with his inability to answer it.

She flipped onto her back with a snort of annoyance, exposing to me the zip of her skirt down its rear. Annoyance was just the sort of thing to make people break off delicate encounters, unless their need was uncontrollable, so I smiled to myself as I slowly reached for the zip and undid it. She was much faster in her actions then, shucking off her skirt with both hands followed by a kick while she rolled back to face me. I had just a moment to waver between her coolly roseate legs and her frustrated face, till she arched up her bottom again and peeled down her pants. My heart was in my mouth as the thick dark triangle was revealed, and I hesitated a moment before taking the task from her and sliding her pants reverently all the way down her legs.

"You've stepped in for the Chinese fluffy now?"

"I am never offended by a sincere complement," she said.

Without any warning, James slammed his thick cock into Mandy's pussy and groaned. He started banging away at it. Mandy buried her mouth into my pussy as I writhed beneath her, watching my boyfriend fucking my beautiful friend. I put one hand on the back of her head and pressed her mouth harder against me. I could feel her tongue darting in and out as James fucked her hard and deep.

With the sensations that had been running over her clit and now him entering her, she was immediately poised, ready to cum, but she held back. He could feel her body tremble as she fought now to fight off what she wanted so badly. He knew how badly she wanted it, needed it, but that way why he remained silent, withholding that single whisper that would free her.

He watched her that night but she didn't sing and dance instead she paced much as he had in her house. The heat grew unbearable to Cyril so that he stripped his shirt off watching Salome with burning eyes. His cock was hard as steel watching her slight form wind in and out of the trees making him think of how she would wrap herself about him when he took her.

In any case, cock tease or not, the guy was going over the line and she was NOT appreciating it. I knew I'd probably regret it, but I changed directions and headed toward them.

But not Ginny. She had no stories to titillate her friends with. She sometimes felt left out, and in general had very mixed feelings. Some days she was embarrassed, other days proud. Some nights she felt a longing, a stirring in her loins that confused her. She wasn't in a rush to lose it but sometimes it seemed like a burden to bear. Her life was great but it seemed to lack definition to her; some days everything seemed a little fuzzy!

"You want more proof? She is indeed naked. You are quite the lucky girl, Charlie. She has the nicest little body. Pink nipples that get nice and hard...and a tight little ass. Oh, and how about that pussy, so small and tight, but when you open it up the pinkness almost blinds you.

After a while your arse feels like a stuffed freezer at Christmas with no room left for even a mince pie.

I walked down the hall and looked into the room. From my vantage point I was looking directly into Angie's ass. She was facing away from me kneeling between someone's knees and obviously sucking his cock.

The truth of the matter was that I was still filled with anxiety. I had all the reasons to justify an affair with Timothy. I knew he needed sex badly and I knew I needed Timothy. I didn't feel guilty but I did feel very unsettled and anxious. These feelings weren't helping my situation.

Immediately my cock sprung to attention.

Um...well in Costa Rica they do have a few schools, but nothing like here in America. So no, I don't think they have sororities.

I told Hannah that she would have a husband someday. I also told her that she had damn well better be a whore with her husband if she did not want him looking elsewhere. However, that she did not need to be a whore with anyone else excepting me.

When Jordan's fingertips touched the waistband of Dorian's leather pants, he looked up to Dorian's face. He popped the snap on the pants and slipped his hand inside. Much to his surprise--and delight--Dorian wore nothing underneath. Hard flesh met Jordan's fingers and he was rewarded by a slight catch in Dorian's breath. Those blue eyes disappeared beneath long, dark lashes as Jordan wrapped his fingers around Dorian's cock.

"Are you sure the guy that just ran into you didn't take it?" Neal snapped.

Julie: Yup! Boobies are easy. They all look good.

I tapped on it lightly, chuckling.

"What? I am sure it couldn't be that bad." Bill reassured her.

She struggled to sit up as she couldn't use her arms. I watched the muscles in her stomach and legs tense under her smooth skin as she managed to sit herself up. I stepped towards her putting the glistening head of my cock in front of her lips. She slipped her tongue out and licked the bubble of pre-cum, that was about to drip onto the floor, off. I felt a wave of pleasure run though me but I didn't let her see it. She opened her mouth and began to take the head of my cock in her mouth. I pulled

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