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I decide to lie.

Eve wonders, what kind of God would do this to everybody for her one mistake? Some kind of neurotic control freak, determined to make his point, no matter what the cost. Pisses her off.

And Myka, I know you're out there. And if somehow able to read these words, your time in this existence is almost over.

"Now, I suppose you want to know why I called you in."

"Cum, baby!!! Cum on my face!" Tanya was jerking him off furiously!!!

"I'm twenty," I said.

"So my little blonde friend, you look like you could use a little of Bula's help. Why don't you give me your soap and sponge now?"

Strong fingers wrapped in her hair. Seth used his other hand to keep her head in place, so that she couldn't move away when Callista began to climax. "Keep going, baby," he said, his voice soft but commanding. "Lick it up." Madison's cheeks burned, but she couldn't get away. She licked away the hot, slightly tangy come that slid down Callista's thighs, licked it away from that soft, aroused flesh.

“Jayne, I want to be here, couldn’t stay away from here, from you. I know you don’t have any reason to care for me, and it ain’t fair o’ me to whang on in here and jump a sick man that don’t want what I’m offering, but hear me out, will ya?”

Conor read Shawn's intent and scrambled to find a tie and return to the bed. His eyes met those of his lover and he knelt before him, holding his wrists out for binding. He gazed into deep blue depths, breathless from both the passion and love that he saw there and gave Shawn a nod when the tie was tight enough. He raised his bound hands over his head, laying on his back and patiently waiting while Shawn secured him to the bed.

Ernesto spent very little time with me at the attorney's office and I didn't get to ask him many questions. He was busy telling me all the things I couldn't do and what was expected of me. He talked all the way through my measurements at this uniform store and left me speechless back at the office with instructions about my first day of work.

He sat and let her complete her task. "Just remember what I told you."

There is a rig my uncle made that makes good use of the balcony in the entranceway. It's a suspension unit. He and Maria set it up. The two chains come down on either side of the small balcony, to almost the floor below. I was naked except for my collar and restraints and thi hi hose, white lace, the cuffs snug against my thighs, and white leather half-boots with high, sharp stilletto heels. I like the feel of the boots.

Fiona could see Todd watching her intently.

I was so drenched in cum now I could hear the cocks squishing in my sloppy holes.

"Tom, does anyone really ever forgive and forget such unspeakable miscarriages of justice? Where were you and those of your profession when those three were essentially getting off for murder?"

"Mmm-hmm yeah that's all very nice and good, but can we take off now, George buddy?" Jonas asked, smacking him with his slapstick.

"Cum in me Baby! Fill me with you jism." I moaned as my hips rose to meet his plunging cock.

"I haven't. But I do like bleu cheese. And this seems to be turning into a night for adventure."

"Huh!" Freddy said dumbfounded.

Shaking my head, I walked out in the yard and got her bra and hung it on the deck railing, told them I'd be back in a minute and went in the house.

Just so you have a better idea of who Jet is I'll give you a quick description, he's a little over six feet tall and well over two hundred pounds. I call him fat but that's because I'm in the military where everybody is either swoll or anorexic so most people would call him average. I still say he should drop like thirty pounds, regardless he has short brown hair which means it comes around his ears and the most amazing blue eyes. Like most people buy contacts to look like this man and an annoying, to some people, aura of confidence. Its one of the things we share is an overwhelming belief in Chris superiority, doesn't matter how you spell it you're still a Chris, and it carries over into most aspects of our lives. In short a lot of the same personality traits that drew her to me also kept her interested in Jet. Jet whose hand was currently stroking the felt kitten stitched onto the front of my Kitten's shirt. With a slight shrug I turned back to the match just in time to watch Stone Cold stun some third string wrestler way out in the middle of the ring.

"I told you--"

I kissed her and hugged her tightly. "No, honey, not at all," I said, kissing her again. "I still love you."

To him for redress and a solution to this conundrum we seek,
But in order to do this, it is to King Doug that we must speak.
He will be fair-minded and offer his share of congenial support,
We have ruled peaceably together for a long time in concerted effort.”

"Yuk To much hair woman! Want me to shave you?"

Joe looked up at her.

We reached the town and I took us to a very nice restaurant for supper. I don't think she had been in one and she kept watching the people and looking at the decorations. She ate a lot but not nearly as voraciously as before.

As soon as I got inside the room I looked for a lock on the door, but there wasn't one. I had to tell myself I was being silly. Come-on, they're not going to walk in on you. I stripped off, and pulled on this stretchy costume. Like he said one size fits all, and it did. But it was cut very high, each leg right up to the waist line, and a very narrow piece of material going down to form a gusset. It had absolutely no padding or double thickness anywhere. My first reaction was that I dare not leave the room wearing just this costume. But once again I thought to myself this is what you're here for; they want to see your body, so out I went.

I started to move faster in and out of her cunt. Her pussy lips sucked at my cock as I drove in and out. I reached around and grabbed one of her generous titties. I pinched the nipple between my finger and thumb. Leslie sucked in her breath and moaned loudly. I pumped her faster and she came, another strong orgasm. I pulled out since I was close to coming. I then had her position herself on her hands and knees. "Time for a little doggy style." I commented.

Revelation: 9 – Friday (Jill)

*Long smooth legs, perfect shape

"Very well, Jim; take care of yourself and we'll see you in a week." She left almost as quickly as she entered and as much as I would have loved to feel her cool hands caress the fire from my legs for the next several hours, I was relieved to find the comfort of my clothes and the knowledge that there would be no more needles in my willie. I gingerly slipped my slacks on and tucked my underwear into my pants, knowing any pressure on my groin was definitely unwanted. As I slipped on my shirt and loafers, the slobbering blond floozy thundered into the room and after a moment paused with her hands on

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