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Once I had gotten my juices under control, I could settled into a steady fuck rhythm, and take my time to look down at my helpless pray. Within seconds I was on the brink of an orgasm again.

It had been a long day, and I've never had much of a head for champagne. I guess at some point I had tuned out the conversation, because the girls laughed, and I heard Mary say, "I think the poor boy is tired."

We were tired so we lay down like that i.e. his cock in my pussy and him on top of me. He used my breast as a cushion and kept his head over them. I lightly and slowly massaged his head. We slept instantly without saying a word to each other.

The last thing she remembered was talking to Abigail on the telephone, telling her not to stay out too late with that troublemaker friend of hers, Chelsea. Then she had been tired, having finally rocked Jack, Jr. to sleep. For a while, she lay in bed, staring into space, contemplating her future with Frankie, wondering if she could truly love another man after Jack. And then she dozed off...

She was standing in front of the baby food section. She turned back to study the labels on the shelf. I wandered around picking up a couple more items.

"Harder. Watch that big, black cock disappear inside of you. Feel him ramming you."

John hurried round to Val's house straight after school. He really liked Val and as he hadn't seen her for a couple of years and was eagerly looking forward to seeing her again. He was quite excited with the past memories of her lovely full bosom and had found it difficult to concentrate on his lessons. Had he known what Val was planning for him, he would have found it impossible!

He stepped out of his pants and she draped them across the nearby lounge chair. She returned to her knees in front of him and looked up.

Meaning: To pursue or direct one's way.

“Hello, love,” Betty greeted me. “What’s that?” she asked, while slightly poking my shaved genital area with her finger sending a little thrill through me. Man, I was so hot and ready to fuck with all these fine looking young women all around me.

Her voice was unsteady a little bit and I became aware of her heavy breathing. I do not know how long she let me suck her breasts, but I was disappointed when she said, "Come Nikhil, let us get up enough for now." I also noticed that her nipples were more prominent than usual and that made my aunt look lovelier. After the housemaid had gone, aunty whispered, "Nikhil, let us do it. We lay down side by side and aunt opened her blouse for me. I hugged her tight and took her right breast in my mouth and sucked her milk. There was lot more milk than morning in both of her breasts.

He stood up, took my hand and said, "I'm going to give you what you said you wanted. We're going to have an early night. We're going to forget the TV and make our own entertainment – in my bed! You said you want my cock – well, my cock certainly wants you! Now, do I need a condom?"

My body pounded against Kara, our flesh slapping loudly, filling the garage with the sounds of sex. We both grunted, groaned, and slammed our bodies together hard. My balls churned, filling my sac with tasty cum. As I slammed forward again, my balls erupted, filling the escape tubes with cum, jettisoning globs of cum into her body. I slammed her harder for several minutes, feeling my cock deflating. I slowed my thrusts, my knees growing weak. I ground my hips against her ass, pulling hard on her hip bones. Closing my eyes, I forced one more squirt of cum into pussy. I stopped thrusting, pulling my body tight against her. I could feel my pulse pounding my temples, my loins, everywhere. "Oh fuck," I growled softly. I pulled back, my limp cock hanging between us. I was sticky, her juices covering my cock and balls.

"We have been building shelters, and bathrooms.. well showers and a toilet area since day three here. Your hut was the last one we built, mostly cause we didn't think you were going to make it." She smiled.

Sitting back in the chair with her legs up over the arms, Kat thought back to her last visit to her GYN. The Doctor had dilated her with a cold hunk of steel, and she wondered why he didn't offer this much more personal attention.

As my orgasm subsides, a light sigh escapes my parted lips. I remove the vibe from my clit and the thruster from my cunt. As the pink thruster pulls out you see my thick white creamy cum, dripping from my pulsing cunt and the vibrator. There is a creamy river of cum trailing from my cunt down my ass crack. I look up at you, my face flushed, heart pounding. You are smiling at me; I can see the approval in your eyes. Noticing your apparent arousal, my heart skips a beat or two.

"Hi!" George/Georgina chirped, holding out a hand. Josh just shook her hand. He was too startled to speak.

"Look Dorothy… you're making it grow. Okay, lick back up the length and then take just the tip into your mouth. Swirl your tongue around it and suck it in and out."

There was only one hard and fast rule. Ever since the king had accidentally seen his wife relieving herself, he had decreed that there was to be no kissing below the waist. This did not bother most of the subjects--who would want to kiss down there?-- so most of them were happy.

That was our first night back. When we did go to sleep Kathy was between Pet and I. Pet was holding Kathy's pussy like a teddy bear and I was holding Kathy's tit. As we fell asleep we made sure Kathy knew she had been missed and very much loved.

"No," I whispered fiercely to myself. This could not happen. I'd lose you. I thought about how sweet you tasted that night with Joanie. "Noooo..." I moan softly, lost in your memory.

‘You enjoying having that finger up your arse then, eh? Are you getting off on it?’

"Do you mind if I masturbate for you before you leave?"

"Oh" Sophie couldn't help let out a little moan as the feel of a hard cock against her stimulated her. "It's been so long." She thought.

When the dancer had gone all the way up the right side and then down from the back of the left side, she finally made her way to Dan. She asked Dan how he was doing as she wiggled her nude body in Dan's face. She backed her ass into Dan's crotch and rocked back and forth on his erection. Then she put his hands on her large tits and squeezed them into her. She turned around and Dan felt the smoothness of her legs and up to her ass cheeks, as he gave them a feel. She rubbed her nipples against Dan's face and said: "Thanks hon."

"Oh, that does feel good. It's been so long. Please don't stop," Penny said breathlessly holding Marla's head tightly to her bosom.


The rain had stopped and Joujoue's wet body glistened as the sun reappeared from behind the scattering clouds. I was suddenly aware of my aching erection.

"Other guys must be able to do what this guy did," Mark says, his eyes on her almost bare body and beginning to revive thoughts he'd had before about her. "I mean, I've never experienced it but from what I've read, he had oral sex with you and then fucked you. I think lots of other guys could do that."

‘It’s alright, Eric,’ she said, her voice nearly under control after the massive orgasm. ‘You know I agreed to help you out, and I am prepared to do anything within reason for that purpose.’ A look of relief came over his boyish face, but there was still a cloud of uncertainty in his eyes. God, what a rush she was getting from his innocence! Helen swept the hair back from her face and, all business again, reminded him that he had been fantasising about her bottom and that they had better deal with that ‘while she was still able.’

Martin was aware that machinery sometimes malfunctions and that hundreds of families lay sleeping in the valleys below his dams.There were other men on duty, but he had to make his own checks for peace of mind as he was the superintendent.

We finished our drinks very quickly and she asked if we could leave.

"God Emma you're so hot, let me see more, I want to feel and taste your body," I begged.

"As good as can be expected under the circumstances I guess, Jonathan," I replied.

"Perverted?" Now I was a little fearful. "You're not involved in infidelity, are you darling?" I couldn't keep my voice from quavering.

Marylou had even begun to ram her pussy up into his cock. Unfortunately, that was all Jeff could take, and he moaned very loudly as she felt him pumping his cum into her. In her brain she was saying, "Oh God it was fast and so soon. Oh please baby! Fuck me to orgasm tonight! Please!"

"Shall we hop into bed?" she asked with a

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