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'Jesus, she's treating me like a little girl,' Rebecca thought. 'Damn it, I'm twenty-nine. I didn't go to Yale to be treated like this.'

Melinda and I named her Kaylee after her godmothers (her birth certificate reads Katelyn Leah) and she is a bundle of joy for all of us. She may as well have seven(!) grandparents, who all spoil her rotten (Katie's mom is still not speaking with any of us).

Bradley Hicks didn’t need to be told twice, he stepped out of his pants and underwear, dressed only in a t-shirt as he walked right up in front of where Tina sat. The Coach stepped up with one foot onto the couch beside where Tina sat, lunging forward as he guided the head of his hard cock towards the beautiful redhead’s full, inviting lips. Tina smiled as he brushed his cock across her lips and then opened her mouth, taking her teachers organ into her hot mouth.

"Calm down," Isamu said, chuckling softly. "I really don't want to hurt you."

I have not written much erotica. My writing has been technical and legal. My first attempt at erotica was posted some years ago. Its called A Most Delicious Dinner. The second story I wrote, called The Wiener Roast, has not been posted. I lost my copy of it when I had some computer problems. However, I did send it to three or four people I met at Literotica. If you happen to be one of those that I sent it to, I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of it. I would like to do some editing on it and then post it.

He walks up to me and put his hands on my shoulders and forces me to my knees and puts his cock in my mouth and it hits the back of my throat.

"Have you ever seen one?"

"Why don't you stay here tonight?" Kimberly asked her son as he walked he to the front door of her apartment. "I have plenty of room."

Marcus reached over, grabbed her right leg and lifted it over his lap so she was straddling him with his one-eyed monster sticking up between them.

"Hi, I'm Christie. I couldn't help watching you guys from over there..."

"Honey, you helped put me in heaven the other evening. I am so glad you enjoyed it too. Us girls have to stick together. I'm just sorry that you didn't get some of the same treatment."

At this she laughed. "Perv ... checking out other guys in the shower!" And she turned her back.

I had brought up the subject of her fucking other men again in the car on Friday as we were travelling to the country house, and I was surprised when she said ok she would, normally she would answer that she would think about it, which I took as meaning no. She said that she would look for someone as soon as we got back home, I said only one, she asked me how many guys I wanted to fuck her, I said at least two, she didn't answer for a moment or so then she had said ok at least two ,to begin, I asked her what she meant by to begin, she said who knows she might like it and decide that she wanted to be fucked by more. I said great, as long as she was sure, she said she was. I ask her why she had suddenly said she would, she replied because every time I had mentioned it her cunt had juiced up, so it must mean that she really wanted to.

"I don't think you want to do that." Jackie said.

"I'm going to cum," Sanai said loudly. Her hands pulled Jake's blonde hair. Jake stopped his assault on her clit and tongue fucked her, putting his thumb on her abandoned button.

Cindy's face turned red as she giggled. "Are you really going to spend this summer trying to make a dirty movie?"

"I think it's a great idea," Ana-Maria chimed in, "although I'll miss this place. The cottage is so pretty, and I had such a good time last night dancing and everything."

Judy Moon was twenty five years old to my eighteen. Judy was my unmarried first cousin. Our fathers are brothers.

Sticking out her tongue slightly, she took the tube of SPF 35 from his hands and started liberally applying it to her shoulders, arms, and wherever else she could reach well enough, wincing as she lifted the straps of her bikini top to moisturize the already red skin."Mind getting my back and shoulders better?" Carrie called over her shoulder before Max could go in.

"Oh yes, I love to play slots," she said.

"Yes, his cock was much bigger than my boyfriend and he really shot a heck of a lot more cum. I was really fascinated with him and I'd do him whenever I could. He was the first one to ever cum all over my chest and down my panties. Funny thing was that it really turned me on when he did that and sometimes I would orgasm right then and there, if I didn't then I would finish myself off."

"Hey, Pam, hold on!"

“Duke’s a little busy right now.” One of the men stated, smiling at the women.

A breath brushed over her flushed skin and she could tell that her clothes had been removed. "Sean?" she asked uncomfortably. The hoarse breathing was her only response. "What are you doing? Untie me." She said with as much courage as she could muster. She flinched as a cold hand touched her stomach. "Why are you so cold, Sean?" The frigid fingers made their way up her chest and over her neck, coming to rest on her cheek. She gasped as she felt chilled lips touch her own, sucking gently. He nipped her bottom lip playfully, as he had many times before.

"Oh god, I'm so fucked," Peter thought to himself as the bell rang and the last few students in the hallways rushed into their respected classrooms. Peter turned into the doorway and closed the door shut behind him.

Tonya stood naked in front of her mirror, her young body tan and tight, her tits perfectly round like they had been molded by the Porn Gods. Her crystal blue eyes traced the small blue veins that ran from the top of her tits to her nipples. Her long, blonde hair, tight with curls, rested on her creamy tan shoulders. She couldn't believe how much her body had changed in just a year. She was 18 now, a senior in high school and seemed to get the attention of every male with a pulse, even the school principal, Mr. Sharp.

As she returned his kiss, she tasted herself, for the first time. “Oh, is that what my pussy tastes like!” she exclaimed. “Mm, no wonder you were so keen to get to it. I shall not have to waste it, next time I finger myself!” She returned to their kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth to share as much of her juice as she could find.

I will never forget those girls as long as I live. My name is George, I used to be a single father. My two kids joined a school trip so I in turn was free to join Andy and John in John's mini to a weekend Swiss, my first tournament. All four of us studied at the same department, and the three of us were frequenting a local chess club. The fourth traveler was Cindy herself, the cutest girl ever. Why she volunteered to assist us with chores (what chores?) during the tournament was beyond my comprehension but I was psyched up for the competition and didn't dwell on this psychologically interesting question. Only when she said that the winner would take all did I understand that perhaps she had designs on Andy, our chess master.

"Not anymore," he said, and smiled. She looked up at him with open, sensitive eyes. He'd never seen her like this before.

He tried to step back and for a brief moment I thought I had gone too far, I had maybe pushed this man too far. But as I looked at him, I saw the desire, the want return. I am a woman and I know how to deal with this. I would have my answers. I pressed into him. "Are you, how do you say, estranho, queer?"

Copyright (c) 2006, HarveyMarcus. All Rights Reserved. Richard lay on his bed, staring grimly at the roof of his tent. A burning pain throbbed in his left shoulder where his wound was beginning to heal, but it didn't compare to the ache in his heart. His memories of the last two weeks were hazy, but he clearly remembered every detail of the day he had been shot.

As Matt drew my attention to each new detail in the flashing scenery, the smooth purr of his east coast accent made me gasp as he leaned closer and spoke in my ear.

"Oh Jesus that's so good…….yes keep rubbing……….oh yes I'm close Glenn …. I am going to cum………….I don't believe this…..Ohhh MY GOD, Glenn fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…………Yyeeeessss I'm cumming Glenn I'm cumming…. JJJESUS YES."

"Good." he answered.

"Ooh, very much."

He groans in wanting and I laugh. I can’t believe that I have that much power over him.

I had his cock buried in my pussy while I had my tongue buried in Annettes and I was in my glory. His cock didn't feel as though it was going to set any world records but it sure felt big enough for me. He was thrusting hard and deep and had moved one hand around to hold a breast as he was supporting himself with the other arm. It wasn't much later the pressure in Annette had built to the point where she had reached down and was holding my head with both hands and pulling me into her as hard as she could. I let my tongue get even more active and she actually howled as her orgasm overcame her. Mark was still pounding away in my pussy and I could feel his thrusting getting faster and even deeper as his own pressure in his balls had reached the point where he couldn't control himself. I threw my hips back at him and then from side to side and up and down to help him along. I could actually feel him shooting stream after stream deep inside of me as he had his orgasm. I wanted to come again so I pulled myself off Annette and reached up and took Mark by the back of the neck and pulled him down to let his mouth work me over. It wasn't more than another minute or so before I was covering his face with my creamy hot juices. What a threesome! We all just lay there breathing deeply for as long as it took to try and regain our normal

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