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“Ummm. A little skinny dipping, then?”

"Ahhhh!....Ahhhh!...Nnnaaaaaaaa!..." he wailed as a laser stream of sperm erupted from his cock and jetted into Linda's womb. Stacey smiled to see the wracking convulsions seize her brother-in-law as he ejaculated with furious intensity. She jammed her finger as hard as she could up his ass and wrenched it around with a vicious twisting motion.

Breathing a bit quicker as she listened to a few more Men, she idly trailed her fingers across her belly, and lower, that feeling of hunger stirred. Suddenly she got a beep on the phone stating she had a message. Sandra clicked the number and listened as this deep voiced mans message. His voice was nice and his message was nice so Sandra decided to message back. Remembering the way to do it, she pressed the right number on the keypad and spoke into the phone, using her fake name and telling the guy that she was indeed 18, that she was home alone and just bored from studying, asking next what he was doing. Pressing a number she sent off the message and then flushed red, laughing out loud. She had done it and it wasn't so bad. Leaning back against the headboard Sandra began to relax again, the image of her Uncle continued to stir her mind as she listened to the drone of voices on the other end.

He was standing now in the aisle beside my seat, silently contemplating me. "Excuse me," he said, graciousness dripping like saccharine sarcasm from each syllable. I thought about ignoring him, but I knew that he would take greater pleasure in forcing his way by me. Without looking up at him, I slid my legs aside, allowing him passage.

I felt him start to slide his fingers into my anus. He pulled out some KY jelly to make it easier then stepped back. I couldn't see him. No matter how hard I strained, I couldn't see what he was doing. I felt him before I saw him again. There was an uncomfortable pain in my rear as I felt him try to force something up there. It felt too firm to be his fingers. Then he uttered one word... "speculum." And with that my humiliation was almost complete. I felt the tears in my eyes as I tried to cope with an experience that women dealt with on a daily basis. I struggled and squirmed, but that only made me more uncomfortable.

"You are not crazy, little one. Things are not what they seem." Hands cupped the sides of her neck as his thumbs tilted her chin back. The pulse fluttered at the base of her throat as she stared up at him.

When the family arrived upstairs the men were told to sit on the couch and the women to lie on the bed. Next to the bed there was an assortment of dildo's and vibrator's.

"Is that unusual or something?"

"Maybe you're right. But we won't mention the X3. Okay?"

Smiling softly, Sandra reached down and ran her hand along the rather large bulge in the front of Steve's pants. Now it was his turn to softly moan. Just then a soft chime went off in the room.

Ed ignored her last questions and putting his cock near Liz’s face said “Baby have you ever sucked Tim’s cock and made him feel like he is the king of his bed and home?”

That chance came sooner than she thought it would. One day as Jodi was returning from her lunch break, she locked her keys in her car. As she pounded at the window in frustration, Bryan happened to be on his way out to lunch and he walked over to her.

I kept on smoking and we started to chat. She said she had no objection from my smoking as her hubby also smoked and that she often felt the taste of cigarette when her hubby kissed her after smoking.

"Gin," she guesed.

Sarah said that she had to sit down, and sat on the end of the bed. Mary was right in front of her and her tits were right in front of Sarah's face.

"No, I'm not crazy and you're not being punk'd. I need your semen so I'm here to give you a few blow job if you'll cooperate."

"I'm going to suck it until it gets smaller. Would you like that?"

Slowly I came down from my orgasm, my breathing almost back to normal. Shauna cuddled me as we lay side by side. I spoke for the first time since we had come to our room. "Shauna, that was wonderful. Thank you." After a pause while I made a decision, I said, "I would like to do something for you now. I am so hot I could burst. Please show me how to please you."

Crissa blinked at her. "You can ignite your lust and snuff it like so?" she asked, snapping her fingers.

"Let's go see Nick," she said.

She laughed. "After some of the women I talked to, I'll have to admit it crossed my mind. It's one thing being well endowed, but they say you also know how to use the equipment. ...It does make a lady curious."

"I made you breakfast. C'mon, it's past eleven." I nodded and watched her ass as she left my room. Sitting up in bed, I realized that I was far too erect to go downstairs. I waited a while for the erection to subside, then headed down in my shorts and t-shirt. The water was running in the kitchen. She was washing dishes, leaning over the sink, the waistband of her panties still visible. I came up behind her and kissed her on the cheek. My crotch briefly pressed against her ass, and I took in a sharp breath. I had been doing things like that more and more lately. Any chance I got, I rubbed against, kissed or hugged my mother. She didn't seem to notice – or maybe she didn't mind. Was it possible she enjoyed it? No, that was doubtful.

"Mine too," he said realizing they really didn't have a good place to be alone. "Do you want to shoot some hoops?"

"Sue, just do what you felt me doing to you. You will be fine."

With the other hand, he rubbed at my hairy pussy vigorously; I had only just started growing pubic hair at the time.

Taking the box from her, he noticed that her hands were shaking slightly. Placing their toys on the bed, he quickly covered her hands with his. "Am I frightening you? Do you wish to stop? You know you have only to speak the safeword." He smiled reassuringly at her, hoping she was not overwhelmed by the situation.

Katie repeated her performance from the first mattress, turning over and twisting around to see whether the mattress was comfortable. I did notice that George was watching her a bit more intently after seeing her exposed. She finished her routine and said that she thought that this mattress was better, but that she was not quite sure. When George asked what she was not sure about, she feigned embarrassment for a moment but finally told him that it was because she normally slept in the nude. I saw his eyebrows raise a bit, but he betrayed no other surprise at her comment. It was a bit ridiculous in a way, considering that what she was wearing barely constituted clothing in the first place. All that he said was, “Would you require some privacy, my dear?” Katie told him that if he had no objections, she certainly saw no harm in him staying. "Perhaps you might have some questions..." he said, leaving it open once again for her to dismiss him. “You are so good to indulge me in my whims,” was Katie’s reply.

"During the summer I fucked for money and food from the frat guys taking summer classes. Several of the alumni would stop by, too, and they paid the higher rates. Almost all of them were married, but I didn't care. They paid well and I enjoyed the sex. So did they. I'd do things their wives wouldn't. Like take them in my mouth and ass. I managed to pay books, fees, and tuition, with plenty left over.

I arrived home after midnight and noticed our bedroom light was the only light on in the house. I was hoping that meant that Linda was still awake and ready for a serious fuck session. As I was walking to our room I noticed Roni's room door was shut. I quietly walked past and made my way to the master bedroom. Linda was lying on the bed dressed for the occasion. She had on white thigh high, lace-top stockings and a white lace shelf bra. Her matching sheer white thong encased her swollen pussy lips.

"Sorry," He says.

"You sure did" Becky said while putting her hand on my shoulder and squeezing. "I thought I had experienced everything, but when you started kissing and nibbling under my arm and licking all around... I couldn't believe it. I never knew I was so sensitive around there. No one had even done anything remotely like that to me before."

"I think this is more than just a game Rick plays yearly Tracey." Luke said, sitting down, looking at the Key.

Suddenly he stopped and paused, the hardness deep inside me. Up to the hilt. I watched him through half-closed eyes. He was concentrating on the luxury of his conquest. I was his slave. The sensation of warm pliant flesh clutching his penis was a triumph for him. Then he started again. Slowly and rhythmically, picking up speed.

After they checked in at the motel and Ray had bolted the door he spoke quietly to Leroy.

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