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"You can tell your pretty wife, I'm getting upset that she doesn't return my calls," Lori Sullivan shouted as she climbed the bleacher stairs at the local Little League field.

"Thanks," you say as you begin to put it up.

When he had it all the way up in her, he stood for a moment, just feeling the wet heat surrounding his dick. He reached down and hooked his arms under her knees, lifting her legs and spreading them wide. June leaned back on the table and supported herself on her hands.

Moving back around to the side she saw that his dick was even harder than it had been before as Clara slowly fucked his ass, loosening the tight cavern. Kneeling, she got a few pictures of his hard dick thrusting into the air as the one behind him thrust into his body. As usual by this point in a shoot, she was now horny. The smells and sounds of sex filled the room as the two couples fucked, Clara's eyes were half-lidded as she plundered Peter's ass. Very soon Joanna was cumming again, shrieking as Ned pounded her non-stop. Becca had no idea how he was holding out like he was without release... he had to have the stamina of an ox! As Joanna came down from her second orgasm Becca realized that Clara was fucking Peter even harder, his eyes were glowing as they watched his wife orgasm on a stranger's thick dick. While her shudders slowed, Peter suddenly cried out and began splattering the ottoman in front of him with his cum.

When the flames died down, she edged closer, reaching out to feel the heat on her palm.

"Pardon?" Alice asked, slightly puzzled by Jacquie's question.

His words echoed in my brain and I held him tight on my body and kissed him (as a mother would naturally do) on his head and tried to relax him and calm him down. I pushed him towards his bed and he laid on it and his arms locked on my neck and pulled my lips towards his. This boy was full of energy and his sex drive was just like mine. His cock was up again and he was begging me for more. Of course I wanted more also but I was afraid that his sister was going to be looking for me soon.

Summer freed a quiet shriek as she finally covered herself up from his welcoming glance. "Gage! What the hell are you doing?"

Please vote for my story and any others you read! Any comments on this story or suggestions for further stories are most appreciated. Staggering up the steps of his front porch, Jimmy Woodson leaned against the railing and waited for his head to stop spinning. It was around 1:00 on a Saturday morning and he'd spent his Friday night living it up the way people his age tended to. It was the summer, Jimmy's first year of college was looming ahead, and a good friend from high school had thrown a major bash while his parents were out of town.

"Yes it is! You could work part time and still give your family money and get an education so you could get out of school and make real money."

"Rape you? I would never do that, Barbara. It would be so unnecessary and not nearly as much fun," he grinned. "You are a highly sexed woman; I don't need to use force to have sex with you. I'm just going to turn you on, sweetie. And then I am going to make wonderful love to you," he replied seductively as he sat down beside her on the bed and reached for one of her tits.

Nancy paused for a second. Giving her son a blowjob didn't help her feelings of shame, but she was too focused on getting her own orgasm to worry about it. She had to get him hard again.

"I think we're even," Michael told me.

“Do you think that people can have friends of all ages, Emily?”

Jennifer moaned a little in anticipation. "Oh yeah, that big cock is going to feel so fucking good sliding inside me."

She didn't look up at me at all. "Thank you. I take no offense."

I was also willing to bet I looked better than he did right now, and I was the one with the punctured lung, ruptured spleen and broken ribs.

The girl nodded, her smile fading to sadness. "I'll miss my classmates," she answered mournfully. "Especially my girlfriend, Sarah, whom I love with all my heart."

Closing the door, I walked over and put on some music.

"Of course."

I stripped quickly and she took my clothes and threw them to Kikki. "You put those under the bed, girl, and get that damned robe off. We'll show this sweet thing a few things about life."

"Well what do you do every night? Eat out?"

I questioned the nerdy employee, who denied knowing anything about the missing pics, yet I could not ignore the shit-eating grin he was trying to suppress. I know how Wal-mart, Eckerd's, and other big retailers develop film. It's sent to a lab where they are developed in a high-speed automated process. Since there is a huge volume of photos, only a very small percentage of them are ever checked by photo lab employees for quality assurance.

"It's okay Jacen," she panted when she pulled away. "I've done this enough times to know it'll happen. Just be sure you show her this when you get home."

They had both sobered up a little, and they looked as exhausted as I felt.

"Hey buster, that's not true, garlic maybe, but never cheap wine," Tonya glared at the writer.

All I heard was a lot of "Motherfuck!" and "Damn That Hurts!" for the first few minutes. Finally I settled into a good fucking rhythm with him. He was taking my big thick dick like a champ now. I could see his tight ass ring cling to my rod on the out strokes.

"So, honey, what do you want to do for supper?" She asked, slightly blushing,

"Damn, Mom. Is everything ok?" he inquired in a concerned tone.

Mark's was slightly longer, easily over seven inches. He had trimmed the area around his shaft and his balls, making his package looking even that much more impressive. Steve's wasn't quite as long, but looked a little thicker. Although he hadn't trimmed his as closely as Mark had, it was still a rather nice, clean display of manliness.

There was one black woman I worked with at the time and she impressed me immediately. Barbara was a Supervisor in Accounting and I had to work with her on a project that I was working on involving a computer application that the department planned to use. I went to the manager first but he referred me to Barbara. "She knows more about our day-to-day operations," he said. I learned later that what that really meant was, "I sit on my ass all day while she does all the work."

I awoke about 9:15 am and took a quick shower right away, even before I had coffee as I wanted to be clean and refreshed for when (Ron) Mr. Jacobs arrived.

It took both Bethany and Penny many long moments, holding each other as they calmed down from their orgasms, to be able to breathe and talk normally again.

“Look here cunt… you made my johnson dirty. Now be a good little whore and clean it off.”

She breathed deeply, clenching her eyes when the thickness of his finger moved around deep inside her aroused cunt, causing her to grind her hips down into the cushion. His finger followed her hips, continuing its rhythmic probing.

Mary took my car and drove into the city. On the way she stopped outside my Dad's business and office.

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