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"I'm so sorry, Danielle. Please, God, let her be okay. She's got to forgive me, I love her so much." I felt his tear splash on my hand. I pulled with my fingers to gain his attention.

"Not if you find the right one." I replied. The puzzled look demanded an explanation. "Nice guys can be corrupted." The gleam in his eyes was almost sinful. I felt him harden inside of me. "Ready for another go around old man?" He filled me with hard flesh as an answer.

"We're only teasing you, Tim. I don't want to embarrass you," she said. She was surprised by the rock hard cock she found pressing against her. Damn, she thought, this kid is hung. Tim liked the feel of Cindy's tit pushing on his flesh, and carelessly let his hand brush her ass as he lifted his hand to her back. His cock jumped as he felt the heat from her body engulf it. Cindy was slow to release him. Her pussy gave a little twinge. Jill noticed the tiny signs of arousal on both Cindy and Tim. She wasn't sure she liked it.

So I did the best I could, but as my hands were crossed, I had to wriggle them to face palm to palm which bit into my skin a little. You weren't gentle when you zipped that. After what seemed like forever, you pushed me back on the bed, so incredibly aroused at the slight pain you had caused, knowing you could cut the ties, and choosing not to. You yanked my jeans and panties off and tossed them in a pile on top of the clothes that you had made me fold. You made me keep my hands on my stomach, which pushed my breasts together. Straddling my chest you rubbed your cock over them, then across my lips, telling me to open my mouth, so I did...moving over it with my tongue, my lips and a low vibration from the back of my throat. You groaned and dropped a hand behind you down between my legs. I was already hot, and damp, and you started rubbing against my clit.

I was right behind her, and caught her before her face got wet. However, I had her torso from behind, and my right hand slipped up high enough to touch her breast. Well, not just a touch. For just a moment I had it cupped in my hand. Soft, smooth, and round; bigger than my wife's. A little slippery, of course, under the water. Her nipple was between my index and middle fingers.

With the panel open and arousing him with its dazzling brilliance, he started to unbutton the top of her slacks. The zipper came down almost without a sound as the cloth separated to reveal her black panties. They were bikini cut, with a very feminine trim of fine lace around the top and sides.

Sliding forward, the tip of my cock brushed against Cheryl's soft lips. I slapped her face with my cock and then pressed it against her lips once again. Without having to be told, she parted her lips and slid her mouth around my shaft. I moaned deeply as I felt her warm, soft lips envelop my ramrod. Cheryl pumped my shaft with one hand as the other massaged my heavy balls and her lips slid up and down the length of my cock. It had been quite awhile since she'd sucked on a man's cock and she loved the sensation as she felt my cock grow even harder in her talented mouth. I moaned deeply as I felt her tongue snake over the sides of my shaft. Jo could not see my cock as it filled her mother's mouth, but she knew what was happening.

The girl was crying, her intense and prolonged orgasm was more than she could bear. You lifted your head up to help her recover and concentrated on your own upcoming orgasm. I grabbed your waste and pulled you in and pushed you out hard, fucking you doggie style, your long blonde hair flying back and forth with the rhythm. I leaned over your back and reached around, fingering your clit as I pounded in my cock an inch behind it. I could feel your warm juices running down my leg.

No visit from the Consul, just the regular visits from a police woman and regular and very satisfying meals. She was looking forward to them and would recommend the station's cuisine in her column when she returned home! Tasty and nutritious!

Russell placed his glass on the coffee table in the hotel suite and walked to my chair, stopping still with his hips near my face. Placing his fingers under my chin, he squeezed it lightly and lifted my eyes to his. The longer he looked down at me without saying anything, the louder my heart pounded in my chest. What would he think of my fantasy to be sexually humiliated? In public? Would he do it? Could he?

She glared at him from the top of the stairs, her crimson red dress fitting tightly around her torso, flowing loosely around her otherwise bare legs. Looking at her, Luis thought her choice of wardrobe was a bit questionable, especially considering where they were. "Do I need to remind you that it's your job to watch your own ass?" Her expression was somewhat annoyed, but her tone had a playful edge to it.

"Great!" Russ answered.

His lips drooled over her shoulderblade, biting her. He rolled her over aggressively and she saw his face, the cocky grin still there but concentrated now. He winked at her and she couldn't resist smiling back. She closed her eyes and purred, clasping his ass as he drove into her, her hands on his firm smooth back. The experience felt like a deep contented dream, she seemed to sink into the deep lush carpet as he pounded her, his naked body sliding up and down.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't consider leaving you hanging. There is much to come, much more. Just relax and let me take care of you. I promise I won't disappoint you. Have I so far?"

I hardly heard the two young white boys leave and they were gone before I became aware were I was.

I keep sucking, I keep fucking your cock with my mouth even as the pulsing subsides. My mouth burns with the aftertaste of your come. I still crave more, wanting to make up for all the times I thought about tasting you, but couldn’t.

Nathan lay back down on the couch and slowly stroked his still-erect cock as he watched Ginger cover the baby-sitter's nose and mouth until she swallowed all of his slippery cum.

"I've never done this before," she said with a whimper.

The two nieces danced and did not even do OK. They had no idea of teasing and just dumped their laundry. They did have tits. They did get some applause. They were not going to win.

Claire, Roy, Sally and Mary all came behind us, wanting to see what would become of us. The other two couples seemed to be somewhere else at the moment - upstairs, from the slapping sounds we heard as we headed down to the cellar. The basement was divided into two main rooms, each one fitted out as a dungeon. The walls were whitewshed brick, and the fittings sturdy wood and steel. We went into one of these, and Lucy turned to face us. She took a whip from a rack on the wall, knowing where it was without looking, and cracked it in the air.

He started moving on the couch and we both fell onto the floor. He quickly started rubbing my cunt with his hand. He was moving very quickly. My towel had dropped when we fell and now we were both entirely naked. His searching fingers quickly found my engorged clit and he took it in his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it fiercely. His hips were jerking as I sucked him into me, and I could feel the throbbing in my dripping cunt growing hotter. His fingers found my hole and he thrust his three reaming fingers into me. He finger fucked me while I sucked his dick. I was getting so hot now. I slowly licked the length of his cock again, and I noticed a tiny drop gleaming on the top of his cock. I greedily sucked his head of all its’ pre-cum. I was so wet now; his fingering was driving me over the edge.

Alex is an average looking young woman, 19 years old and just starting her career, hoping to go to university in a few years time after gaining experience in the area of work she wants to go in to. She is about 5ft 4", olive skin which tans very easily, brown shoulder length hair, wild hazel eyes that sometimes; depending on the light look more green some days and look more brown on others! She isn't exactly thin but not obese neither; just has a few curves. She's a bit of a "rock chick" and dresses in loose fitting jeans which reveal the top of her female boxers, usually black and little vest tops which again show her cleavage off.

There was only one thing left to do, find a plug for her new instant coffee maker and mug warmer. She couldn't use her desk outlets for them, because such heavy users of electrical current had a habit of causing all sorts of computer problems when used on the same power strip as a PC. No, they needed an outlet of their own. The trouble was, there didn't seem to be one.

Now find your clit with your other hand

Thank You. Weeks can pass in an instant without you ever realizing they took place if one isn't careful. This is a tale about just that. In that one instant your life can take a drastic change for the better or worse and your hopes and dreams either crushed or realized.

The Vulpic scampered.

All is forgiven. The punishment has ended. GP

Even though I am only 30, when I was younger, I always had fairly liberal girlfriends. So when I met my wife and later married her, it was a constant frustration for me as she was not as open to some of the sexual positions I had grown accustomed to in my younger years. It probably took about 2 or 3 years before she would try the things I thought were important in a relationship, such as blowjobs and fucking from behind. And when she finally got more comfortable over time, these things didn't happen as often as I hoped they would.

"Let's just say this may be your last chance to avoid things becoming official, shall we?" I replied "Wait here, Susan. In three minutes, knock, and wait for permission to enter."

His balls were on fire as his in-law sucked and massaged them with vigor. She stroked his hard shaft while pushing and pulling each ball in and out of her mouth. They would pop free, bounce in her face and then she grabbed them again. Her hand moved over the head of his dick to gather up pre cum, then slid it down his cock's sides, easing her hand job while Mike gyrated his hips against her face. "Suck my cock " he yelled, taking a moment from devouring her pussy.

Truthfully, having had years to reflect on this, I didn't have the strength to pull that towel back up and cover her breasts. Her feminine 'musk' was too powerful and I didn't have the strength to resist what had been offered.

Mason turned to find her looking at him, waiting for his answer. He got himself another draft and quietly made his way through the crowd to her table. When he was approaching he couldn't help but glance at those gorgeous legs. They were clad in red leather knee boots with stiletto heels.

Angel could feel herself approaching the edge. She closed her legs tightly around her hands and focused on the vibrations emanating within her. All of a sudden the door to her room opened and Jill stormed in with a very somber expression on her face. "Guess where I've been" Jill muttered, turning towards Angel.


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