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Mary never told Tasha about this incident mainly because she wanted Tyrone to keep coming over. She was really starting to enjoy him staring at her and making lewd comments about her ass or tits. Of course like any good girl she pretended to be upset but his behavior, but deep down she was loving it. She even found a magazine of Tasha's with naked black men all with large cock's. When ever she was alone she would get this magazine out and masturbate thinking of Tyrone pumping his huge cock into her tight pink pussy.

Mike had never really said that much to Jan about the night with Sherry in Oklahoma. Jan had spent so much time talking about sex with Bob and how much she enjoyed seeing Bob and Sherry again that it just never came up. And, Jan had really thought that, like the night so many years before, that Sherry and Mike were just there to allow her and Bob to be together. Jan had sort of figured that the two of them had spent more time listening to her and Bob in the bedroom than actually having sex together.


"Markie this is the real reason I wanted you to come along and I left my family at home. I've wanted your cock for years and years and now it is mine I am going to make love to every inch of your body and fuck your cock raw!" She was pushing me back toward the bed.

“Where are you going,” I asked, trying not to sound so concerned.

"Nothing little about it you fuck" she spat back sharply. "However, you've got enough time to enjoy a short while here helping me punish this bitch. After all, she IS paying me well for the privilege of having me train her to be a better slave!"

Jeremy struggled up onto his elbows and began to reach out to hold her close. He wanted to hold her, possess her, but she merely pushed him back onto the bed with another shake of her head.

"You can count on me," Jim said. "What time would you like me to come over?"

Scene 5. Claudia and Ricky. One of the best cocksuckers in the movie. Claudia is a hot looking coed-type with brown hair and dark eyes. She has no problem taking Rick's long slender cock all the way in her mouth. She works hard on his cock from the word go. Stroking, sucking all the time keeping her eyes on you (the viewer). You don't get to see much else other than her face and some of her nice small tits. For the cumshot Rick jerks himself off into her open mouth. She doesn't move or look away. This girl likes her cum. The cum play was short but the cocksucking was what to watch.

I had not really paid much attention to the butler while attending to the contract and it seemed an odd question, but I obliged her by turning towards him… and stumble backwards. While I was signing the agreement, Wilhelm had unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. As I try to regain my composure, he looks right at me and begins to stroke himself. He is flaccid, but enormous.

When I saw that your cock had leaked out pre cum, that was my signal that I was being called by your cock. I'd smile to you as I walked closer, leaning down I'd lick the cum off the tip. You'd rub the head across my lips, coating them.

I felt her hand rubbing my crotch. She told me to get up so I got off her lap and she laid down on the bed.

Now you are swaying your hips slightly, Stephannie senses something is going on, you looks at you, and then drops her eyes to your rocking hips, you have sweat forming on your upper lip and your breath is coming hard. She makes her excuses for her departure and leaves quickly, red faced. This is awkward for you, you say your goodbye and the door shuts. I hear you moan and feel you push your hips forward. You have a grip on my hair and hold my head hard on you, little bitch, now you get what's coming.

The car ride home was filled with some high anxiety as they both were thinking of getting to the house and making love over and over and neither one of them could wait. With that thought, Kayla leaned over and started caressing Aaron's neck; with her lips touching and lightly blowing ever so lightly on his skin. When he shivered she knew she was getting to him. Kayla ran her fingers through his hair and whispered in his ear how she wanted him, how she wanted to feel his hard cock inside of her and his hot breath on her naked body. She told him she wanted him touching her breast, circling the nipples lightly kissing them, licking them with his tongue.

Though she couldn't have talked with her tongue indisposed as it was, he could still hear her voice in his head.

"I sure do!" I said taking the guy's cock out of my mouth. "There's nothing like a big, thick rod up my ass!" I said.

On request I began slow gentle thrust and withdrawal motions, soon however she was asking for a greater thrust and movement. I obliged and the pleasant feeling in my penis increased but due to the double covering of rubber the sensitivity was reduced and enabled me to continue until with multiple climax Joan begged me to stop. My own climax was held in delay but I still had the pre-ejaculation sensation in my loins. After resting for a moment Joan started to rub my penis with long firm strokes, being slippery from both the KY jelly and her own natural juices her hands slipped nicely over my member, it was not long before semen was spraying into the sheathe as I climaxed.

She opened her lips to my probing tongue and there was so much electricity passing between us. I held her head close to mine, not wanting to release her, but it wasn't necessary, she wasn't about to get up either.

"Three, Master, Thank you."

The beer cart came up again before the deal is finally agreed to, and we all got another.

"Shit," Matt muttered in frustration, pulling hard at the stitching again.

"You'll be keeping those hands to yourself for a while now." She bent over Bobby and poked him in the chest and said, "You'd better keep this to yourself."

Kirstie knee-walked up to my face, and then lowered her sopping pussy onto my mouth. I reached up and grabbed her ass, pulling her onto my face. I slipped my tongue over her clit, and she hissed with delight. My hands gripped her ass tightly, and she arched her back, riding my tongue while her hands clutched at her tiny breasts.

She whimpered in reply, burning inside, desperate for him to move, to do as he promised. She wanted both: tenderness and wildness, man and animal. He gave her both. Thrusting in long slow strokes, nudging deep. Grunting with each stroke, he picked up the pace. Fast and furious, his balls slapping against her hot aching skin. With each powerful thrust the breath was driven out of her, helpless to prevent the sounds spilling from her lips.

"I might be able to. I'll try. Are you going to be all right Ann? I am worried about you. You've been acting so strange lately. I don't want to lose you for any reason...and your health is a concern with me too."

Slipping out of his lap and onto her knees, Tess removed Sam's khakis and caressed his shaft with both hands while staring up at him. He was only about average in size, but Tess had never needed a huge cock to get off. She was perfectly happy with what Sam was packing. Never breaking away from his eyes, Tess lowered her lips to his cock and then let her tongue snake out and tease the head. He moaned her name and gripped the couch cushions while she licked up and down his shaft with fluttering strokes. She even gave his balls a lick before taking him deep in her mouth. Although she didn't do it much with her ex-husband, over the last few years Tess had really learned to enjoy giving head. She loved the feeling of power, how a man just fell apart when getting a good blow job, and she liked giving her lover such pure pleasure. It helped that Sam was a very giving lover himself. She bobbed up and down on his shaft, gaining speed as she went while Sam shook and moaned and stroked her short blonde hair. Tess had once been a redhead like her daughter, but over the years her colored faded and now she kept her hair in a light blonde bob.

"Well, we've got a while before dinner." Darlene told her. "And I see here that we can call and schedule an immediate massage any time we want one. So hey, why not? I think I will."

I finally relaxed and went to sleep after another hour. Amanda pushed back into me again and let out a sigh of contentment just as I slipped off to sleep.

With my other fingers I began to probe her vaginal hole. It was wet and slippery and those fingers found their way into her warm moist haven. Dawn started to slowly rock her hips to receive my offerings. Her ass hole was open wide now, so much so that I inserted a second finger. Again I detected a moan of approval. I was pumping her and I could actually see inside of her dark hole as I withdrew my fingers. Then I would slide them back in again as she raised her ass, practically begging me to fill her again.

I looked over at Casey and she was crying. She was in the middle of a mess. She didn't have to tell me but chose to let me know. It was all supposed to go down the following Saturday. That only gave me less then a week to figure something out.

"They must have bet on the outcome," Robert told her. "No one will bet against a Telepathic; but if they set Elijah up, and he doesn't know it..."

She felt his other hand against her back, working it’s way quickly upwards to push her forcefully forward, bending her at the waist. She rested on her hands, which were now spread out on the dresser.

"You better watch your opening's my dear." I laughingly suggested to my wife.

When we reached the bedroom, Carrie immediately dropped to her knees and started fondling my package through my pants. She got my zipper open and pulled out my tired cock. She started stroking it to life and said, "Wow. You're big!" She licked my shaft tentatively. "Mmmmm, Brenda might be a little disappointed in Tom when she sees yours."

Suddenly Edward felt a strange but very excited feeling, for she was now licking the spot just between his anal cavity and his sac. The pleasure was almost too much to bear. She continued to stroke him with her left hand as her tongue enjoyed it now delightful torture. Just when he thought the pleasure could rise no more, he felt it double. She had slid her right hand under his now tense buttocks and her finger was now entering him slowly. Edward’s body was starting to convulse with pure

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