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Baldwin's Hardware always offered Michael's father and his uncles special prices...usually at or below cost. That was why they came here. Also, Mr. Baldwin, the original owner, had been something of a mentor to Michael's father and although he died before Michael could really come to think of him as a grandfather, he still felt like family around the store.

I lift my body as you slide beneath me, I feel your prick against my pussy, your knuckles against my thigh. With a moan, I gratefully impale myself on you, I start to rotate my hips, accelerating sensation. My arms are pulled taut, lifting me off you, you're still inside, but not far enough! I try to rubberize my arms, I'd tear them off, just to get you back inside. I feel you rising inside me, I hang still, harboring every last iota of pleasure, trying to get enough to ignite this agonizingly ecstatic tension. You're rising again, the heat rises, ignites and explodes, I throw my head back and scream, feeling your sperm pumping into me, I want to thresh my body but if I do I'll lose you, so I hang there still, containing the overwhelming sensation in my body. The waves subside, reality returns, I wonder idly if you'll punish me.

Frank changed his position. That was no big deal, because the guy appeared to be gunned also. He was not so gunned that he wasn't interested in pawing Jean's tit. There were people moving up and down the hallways. Some going to the john, some to get food upstairs. Some were going outside for a smoke. Frank observed that several of the dancing women were allowing the men to run their hands on their tits, ass, and up their pussy. This was a fast crowd. He suspected that some were swingers.

Leonn woke with a pounding head, scratchy eyes and a mouth that felt like old leather. He groaned, flinging an arm up over his eyes, feeling the world tilt on its axis as he waited for the world to right itself.

"That is not necessary," replied Karina. "We're the only women on this trip. You can't expect your men not to look at us."

“See, now put them on, hurry!!” she was half laughing and was half shy.

"Okay then, let's get it over with."

Be careful what lurks below. Laurie let out a frightened shriek as a dark hand reached out to her from beneath the bed frame. Pulling her in slowly, the figure twirled Laurie's body until she was laying flat against the floor with her waist under the bed. She laid silent, staring at the ceiling, as she felt the prodding fingers of her newest partner. The tile floor was cool and smooth against her tense body, and it almost felt as if she were frozen solid, spread open for the underworld to toy with her body. Laurie pretended that she was alone and enjoyed the mystery of her manually stimulated climax. In a haunting way, it was the most exotic and chilling experience of them all.

They jiggled as she squirmed on Todd's lap, his fingers still rubbing across the growing wet spot on her jeans. I knelt further down and began running my tongue over her hard nipples. Lily bit her lower lip again and started moaning louder. I started sucking on her soft tits drawing as much as I could into my mouth. Her hips started bucking hard against Todd's hand and I began to gently nip at her nipples with my teeth. She threw her head back and started grinding her whole body against my room mate.

As she reaches total climax and she cums, juices pouring out of her, and wetting William's goatee. William continues to lick her, sending shudders through her with each lick. Megan sits up and pulls up William's face out from between her legs. Megan leans down and kisses him, tasting her own juices in his mouth. Then Megan looks William in the eyes.

Danielle nuzzled down under the comforter and pulled it up under her chin. She slept soundly, relaxed and for the first time in a very long time, satisfied. "Mmmm" she moaned softly "If it was a dream, I don't want to wake up yet." The dim light of early morning peered inside the room since we had forgotten to close the blinds before retiring last night.

He continued to look at Jean and continued to smile a warm and inviting smile. It would swallow her into him and his needs. He then kissed her on her lips, quietly. At first she did not kiss him back.

Cyrus looked at her face. It was scrunched up due to the intensity of the shot. He was sure that his face was the same. That was some strong alcohol. "It was." He was impressed that she didn't go for a chaser. The woman had grit.

As she set up for the shots she casually asked if we had ever been with each other. She said that we seemed so comfortable with each other that she assumed that we had been lovers somewhere along the line. We explained our relationship and that while we never had, it didn’t mean that we never would .

"But you guys don't even look like you're from the same country, let alone siblings."

She had hit me twice on my up turned ass before I knew what had happened. The pain was running thru my body making me aware that I was about to be raped and there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it.

The reprimand was to my youngest brother, William, who was 3 at the time. As the oldest of 9 children and a girl, I was more than partially responsible for the well-being of the little ones. It was mid-afternoon in the summertime, and I was 19 years old. I only had two sisters then, and they were 9 and 11. They were out in the garden with my mother, the older boys were out working in the fields with Father, and the youngest boys were in the house with me. Soon Mother would return and begin to fix dinner, and after we had all eaten, I would usually be allowed to go for a walk if one of my suitors came calling. I was hoping that one of them would.

Jeff sat back for a moment, spent. Soon he recovered, and panting slightly, pulled Jennifer's mouth up to his. Though she had swallowed a number of times, he could still taste himself on her lips as he plunged his tongue into her mouth and kissed her passionately. As she stood up fully he pulled her pussy to his mouth, licking her protruding clit vigorously as she gasped. Knowing that he was spent, Jeff quickly got up and went to the refrigerator, leaving Jennifer to stand naked and excited at the table.

With that he left the bedroom and to her consternation, Trish did just what he told her and licked her lips of the remaining cum and downed it hoping to lose the taste of it, but really knowing she would remember the taste for a long time. He returned shortly and seemed to be in an even better mood, and his erection was returning with a vengeance. He strode over to the kneeling blonde police officer and just as a porn actor would do he whacked the rigid stem of his cock against her chin and lips, taking obvious pleasure in the look she shot him. He finally stopped and squatted before her and spread his large hands over her equally large breasts and began to gently massage them before slipping his thumb and forefinger onto her nipples and giving them a sharp tweak.

As he stepped into the large lobby, he couldn't help but smile. Carol, Marsha and Rick had tried their best with the decorations this year, but they couldn't hold a candle to what Jenny Nicholas could do with some tinsel and a few strands of light.

"No." Her voice was frigid. I laughed and tossed the drink off myself. I was starting to feel it, that lovely warm amber glow of the whiskey.

Her: I am moaning and screaming your name. I tell you how deep it big you just keep pumping and pumping me. We hear the sound of skin slapping together...I know you are fucking me as deep as you can get it in. I want to cum, but you tell me to wait....I wait. I want to release my touch you...but you remind me that I'm do what you want.

I had mixed emotions about it. Most of our family is right here. But, the pay increase was almost vulgar and the price of housing was so much more inexpensive down there. We could almost pay cash for a replacement home there after we sold ours. And evidently there would be times when we could come back up here on company business with them paying for the trip.

"You catch on quickly."

Chapter 3: Insurance

Gina was stunned, she had never even thought about having sex with a boy. Not a boy. But right now she was wondering about sex with a man. This man. This priest. Ohhh she was bad.

"Oh, Martha, Robin, and Sue," she said, naming her three suite mates.

Ok, so there I was with a natural slut, who liked fucking both sexes. It definitely was the best day of my life.

We ran another hundred yards and I told her if we started walking we would cool out about right by the time we got to the house. That is what we did. When we got back We stretched out again. I said, "Dianne, I love having you run with me. Sometimes I really have to push myself to go out and do it. Some days I hate doing it. Some days I pray for rain. I think I will love it with you."

"Seriously, did you see Morag?"

"Not sure I want to take you anywhere looking that good!"

"Laurent De Vaux!"

"You also asked me to prove that he wasn't having an affair. I couldn't do that,

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