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She shook her head, "No. I have done some kissing and petting, but nothing more."

Carol sat down on the towel and spread her legs wide. I gazed enraptured at her open cunt, which was pink and, I could see, already a bit wet. Tim went and stood next to her, his cock half erect. Carol took hold of it and pumped it in her hand a bit, then wrapped her lips around it and started sucking. Tim stood with his hand on his hips and his head thrown back.

"That was not nice." He growled softly. He reached up and pinched her nipple hard. She jumped and looked up at him. She smiled and licked her lips, moving her hand away from her pussy so she could slowly spread her juices over his cock. He closed his eyes in pleasure as she slid the tip along her pussy slit. He grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He reached down and roughly pushed his cock into her, sinking it in all the way out. She screamed softly, her back arching, pushing her breasts into the air. Jimmy leaned down and caught one of her nipples in his mouth. Sucking it as he pounded into her hot depths, feeling her juices spread on her thighs and his. He knew he was not going to last long, as hot as they both were. He pulled her legs up and she wrapped them around his waist, pulling him closer. He grabbed her hips and pumped his cock into her. He felt her orgasm in her pussy as she moaned and thrashed beneath him, scratching his back so hard that he knew she had left marks and even drawn blood. He couldn't take much more of the tight warmth surrounding his throbbing cock.

When my big night arrived, I was in for a shock. Nobody appeared to care, except me. My gown was black, cut down to there and with a slit on the right side. I had my hair in an upsweep and my makeup had been meticulously applied. I entered the room alone after my parents had already 'arrived', but I wasn't noticed at all. Bummer. What does a girl have to do to be noticed around here? I hung around most of the night on the periphery, watching how people acted. I listened in on various conversations, but didn't join any. Who would want the observations of a barely eighteen year old naïf?

I was very close to coming myself as I although I had received no physical stimulation; the actions and the situation were one of the biggest turn-ons I had ever experienced.

"Oh yeah!" he growled. "I'm fucking my baby sister's sweet, hairless pussy!" His voice sounded angry and possessive and masculine. It was like he had turned from a boy into a man in the space of a few minutes. And it was making me just gush cream! He continued, "I've wanted your pussy for so long, and now I get to have it! It's all mine!"

"A penny for your thoughts?" I asked, dipping my head down to catch her gaze. She blinked at me for a moment, bewildered.

Lyn was startled when Diane walked into her backyard. With a start, Lyn bolted upright when she heard Diane enter the backyard, nearly losing her bikini top that was untied for maximum exposure.

"Your nails are nice." I say, being sure to run my fingers all over hers. ©2005 All Rights Reserved

Well, she's right, sis. Her breasts are huge, and they're capped with big brown nipples. She even had to go through the extra step of holding her breasts up, by just the nipples, so they could check underneath them. I know I shouldn't have, but I felt a small twinge of delight come over me, when it was her turn to spread'em, because if she hadn't talked me into stealing that damn mascot....

"Yes..." she hissed, "Fuck me with it."

Your grip tightened, almost a pulsing feeling against my throat. It was thoughtless, as if you couldn't help but squeeze, testing the limits of my neck with your fingers. I held my breath as you released your grip, holding myself completely still as you shifted out of my sight, fingers trailing along the column of my neck until you were behind me. Ducking my chin down, I moved forward instantly as you pushed, guiding me out of the kitchen. A sense of dread filled me. You hadn't been this non talkative since I arrived. I knew in my gut I was in trouble, but for the life of my scrambling brain, I couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong.

"Easy Daddy," Karen begged. I moved slowly, pushing in, pulling out even gentler. I moved forward again. Karen tried to relax. "Daddy, I have never had anything in my ass," she moaned. "Don't hurt me," she breathed. I reached, aimed the shower off direct aim at our bodies.

"No, you didn't. No way, I feel embarrassed in front of you."

" say what?" we said in unison.

Ash didn't even make it to the first line before he started tearing up. He held the paper out in front of himself. "Would you read it? I don't think I can."

I let my finger tips just brush his midrift as I moved in closeer next to him. We were both breathing pretty heavily by now, and the room was feeling quite warm. I took the plunge and touched the base of his now erect shaft. I was mesmerized by the site of his cut 8 inches, purple, healthy, and strong. Just at the tip, I noticed a tasty drop of pre-cum and let out a moan.

I open my eyes put my dildo back in the drawer and start my day with one hell of a smile. Samantha Thompson's interest in men had always been radically different than other eighteen year old women she knew. For some unknown reason Samantha had always been attracted too much older men. At night when she was alone in her bed masturbating she would often fantasize about seducing her best friends father. She could almost feel him eating her hot dripping snatch, or madly fucking her wet pussy and tight ass.

"Listen to me ... listen to me. Do exactly as I tell you," Penny whispered. "Do you understand what I'm telling you?"

He was a patient teacher, and she would be eternally thankful for that. Helping her into the floatation device, he placed her in the kayak, tightened the skirt over the top for her, and then pushed her into the water, before diving in after her. Treading water next to her, he flipped the kayak over, having her do the Eskimo roll herself, then flipped it again, again, again, until she did it without panicking or laughing, both of which made her swallow water.

It was then she began reaching out to the community. Soup kitchens, Cancer society, local political campaigns. This was how she met Derek.

"Have you ever given a women and enema? Have you ever let a woman give you an enema and then fuck you up the ass?"

"You ok?" I queried, pausing.

She didn't answer, she tried to suppress her feelings and stay strong. "I'm ,she said, "this stops right now." She turned towards the door but Ray was in the way. "Let me past" she ordered.

Neranen was exhausted. He dropped his cup, and Maya had been there for it before it even fell. He gave her the longest look, longing for time that would not turn back.

And then it happened...the signals aren't really all that hard to spot. Her hands tightly gripped the back of his head to draw his face even harder against her heaving pussy while those long and lovely legs of hers wrapped around his neck to hold him in place.

But although he subconsciously took in some of that detail what really caught and held his attention were the two pillow strewn couches just a few metres away, on one, the girl he had seen on deck, and on the other, another, in some ways even more stunningly attractive girl.

He only scowled at her, furious for making reference to the things that had weakened him.

"Yes, I just heard him pull out of the driveway." She told him. "Honey, it never ceases to amaze me what a raging sex drive you have. Every morning your cock is stiff!"

For once, Thomas the Jerk was speechless. The perpetual sneer that we wore was absent and his mouth hung open in amazement. The mesh cat costumes showed a helluva lot of bare skin and Thomas' roving eyes took it all in. Amy and I remained on all fours in front of him as he carefully inspected every inch of our slender, mesh-covered bodies.

"Well, I wouldn't worry to much about it now," the detective continued "I doubt if she will be bothering you again. Breaking out of the prison hospital will buy her a good few more years away. I don't expect she'll ever get out now."

"Oh my gawddd, no," she whimpered.

They first looked for Jane. She was easy. She filled out any bathing suit. And they found a conservative one piece blue suit that barely contained her bust.

"Are you sure they wouldn't mind me just watching?" Penny asked,

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