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"Want to watch a movie?" Jon asked, as we finished with our meal. Just then, the doorbell rang and staff came and carried everything away.

I looked over at Keven and he was frowning and shaking his head. "Hang on, Detective. What, Keven?"

Nathan moved to his beautiful captive and released her from the rope ties, all except her wrists and ankles.

Jeanne was nine years old when I met her. I was ten.

The two black men, Cal Berton and Jack Flemming had made the bold move of offering a large sum of money for me to be their entertainment for the weekend.

Gina couldn't believe her eyes; Craig had made everything so beautiful and so romantic. As Craig approached her she threw her arms around him and as they kissed they began to tenderly, yet feverishly undress one another. They got into the bath together as Gina sat inside of Craig's outstretched legs; she could feel his ever-growing erection.

Celes was obviously about to launch into another tirade, but Danica interrupted her, "Let's just go look at the stone, Celes. We have permission, and this is getting us no closer to a solution than we were earlier."

"Stripping complete, Miss!"

"She wasn't tired or sick!" Ronnie began to grow antsy. He glanced at Fyona's limp form, suddenly angry that he was deprived of his target. "She spent too much time with that damned kid. Always playing with him or taking care of him. What about me? I fucking married her. She was supposed to take care of me!"

As time wore on, she got adventurous. Sandy even indulged my foot fetish. I loved sucking on her toes and she enjoyed it too. She would often stick her feet by my face when we were having sex and ask me to suck them.

She about fell over as she tried to fix the shoe, but he had continued walking, not noticing her plight. He felt the tug of her falling forward, and quickly turned to catch her. He bent down and removed her shoes from her feet. He swung her body over his shoulder and then continued his trek into the unknown. He started to rub her ass through the coat. She started to squirm a bit and he swatted her firmly on the ass. She heard his foot steps on what appeared to be wood. Next, the sound of a rusty, creaky door opening.

'That's a good girl.' I said. 'That's a ..good ... g-i-i-irrl.'

Jackie raised her head and looked into his eyes. "You mean to tell me that if you met the most wonderful girl right now, you'd put off getting serious with her?"

"Understand I can physically restrain you at any time. So don't be foolish." He held up the key to her collar. "I'm going to remove your wrist and ankle cuffs as well as the collar so that you can wash up. You have one hour."

“I’m happy that this can be our little secret Jake, and again I apologize, I certainly didn’t mean to wake you up.” I said.

"Uh, I didn't pack anything," she said uncertainly. "You never eat desert."

She did. She matched the smile on his face as she turned over onto her hands and knees, lifting her ass in the air. Mike came closer to Sidney, rubbing his hands over her ass, massaging it as he slowly brought his cock back into her pussy.

Taking a deep breath, I rationalized to myself why this was a perfect idea. I began to get out of the car but stopped. While in the club, I wouldn't have any need for my ring. I spun it around my ring finger a few times and pulled it off, placing it in the glove box. What my wife doesn't know won't hurt her, will it?

Once her head came to a standstill, the princess looked up in a spark-filled daze to see the betrayer's woman stand on shaky legs and turn to face the oncoming guards. Her breasts were visibly bloodied, and as she and the guards conversed in yet another language, the princess realized that the same blood also coated her "dainty" lips. That realization caused her to faint, just as one of the guards approached her and bent down to pick up her severed head. Shall it simile be
To make a rose bud smile
Alliteration, assonance, caesura perhaps
Metaphor, meter, rhythm or rhyme.

Susan frowned and busied herself with cooking, still trying to maintain some reputation and decorum. Then she realized she was still naked. With trembling hands, she found her nightie in a heap on the floor and started to put it back on.

"All right Lilly," I said.

"No, just a dull throbbing. But you're already helping with that," she told me.

He laughed. "Not me. But I'd buy you a new one if I did. Do you think I could see your breasts, Sarah?"

Karen released his cock and began licking the fat shaft and head the way the women in Frank's sex videos did. She'd found the videos one day while cleaning out the closet and had watched with fascination as the young women furiously sucked big, hard cocks. She wasn't sure if she was doing it right but she knew she couldn't be doing much wrong by the grunts and groans of approval coming from his mouth.

Nope, he didn't need Dad's porn anymore; he had a real woman to occupy his fantasies now. Not only was she damn easy on the eyes, but she wasn't prim and proper like most of the adults at school. It had taken guts to tell him what she had and he respected her a great deal for it.

"What do you think?" Asked Lori.

The wheels made a distinctive drone, as I sped along the interstate. I was on my way to meet Joan, for the first time. I hoped things went well. I hope Joan would find me desirable, and, in time, become my first and only sex slave. We had E-mailed back and forth, for a month or so. Then about two weeks a go, we started talking, on the phone. If this weekend went well, Joan would come out west and stay with me for a month, then we would make a decision, concerning our future.

There was a slim possibility it could be Rick's but more likely it was the fruit of Leroy or Tyrone's seed?

Karen could feel the pressure building in her tummy. She was going to cum. The cock pounding her cunt was driving her crazy. She could feel his balls slapping against her clit. Her breathing became more and more erratic. She moved her ass as he fucked her trying to draw his cock deeper and deeper. Words began to spew from her mouth.

Velvet kissed her back and felt the woman's breasts, "It's dis place Sarah, you'll grow numb to it."

She had expected to check into the airport Hilton along with Mr. Bergman and was dressed accordingly: In her short black skirt, loose white blouse and high heels. She had let her long, blonde hair down and looked stunning: A beautiful, young woman of twenty-four walking through the dark, deserted streets at night.

Goosebumps are starting to form on my now naked body, and as my cock continues to grow and lift away from my body I approach your bed and slide in between the sheets. You murmur, roll over and pull me towards you. You soon settle back into sleep. My cock is pressed up against your belly now and my mouth is inches away from yours. I realise that you want to sleep but I can't resist you. I kiss you tenderly on the lips, then your cheek and down to your neck. You become semi-conscious as my tongue enters your mouth, and your tongue subconsciously plays with mine. Your eyes open wide as you take in what is happening and I giggle slightly which makes you smile through our kiss. Instinctively my hands begin to explore your body.

The day after our final game, we lost in the quarter-finals, we were all feeling pretty low even though everyone thought we’d played very well and coach was very proud of how far we had made it in the

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