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"You wouldn't have to do it alone, but I have a feeling some of daddy's friends would let him know there were a couple of people naked in his pool."

"What's the matter," Steve asked, somewhat taken aback by her sudden change of attitude.

"Frank and I have reserved the Dungeon for this afternoon and evening. If you and Amy have nothing to do and want to watch or maybe get involved, you can punch this number into the key pad at the door so that you can come in."

"But we don't have a menu to order from." You were always the practical one.

"You should get cleaned up", said Ron.


"Jamison," she said. "I knew you could not stay away."

"I'm Shirley, your Fairy Godmother, of course."

The Whites had moved up to the northern part of the state a few years back and even though they spoke often, they had not seen each other for over three years. Caroline and Holly were Tyler and Ryan's two oldest friends. They had always been like two pairs of fraternal twins from separate mothers.

When the tub was filled, I gingerly stepped into the hot water and eased myself down, letting my body get use to the heat. And when I was completely seated, I gently laid my head back and sighed, closing my eyes. After a minute or so, I let my hands roam across my body, rubbing the bubbles over my chest and arms. I smiled; it felt very relaxing. And then I began thinking of my dad, wondering what he was doing right at that moment.

"Believe me," Joanne said, "you have nothing whatever to be sorry for. I'm not sorry about what happened, are you?"

We both dressed to kill that evening. I wore my very tight fitting jeans that would have to be peeled off of my body which showed the bulge in front and the crack of my rear very well. Similarly, my shirt was tight enough to show Laura that I had been working out and had no extra fat on my chest or stomach.

Daisy is so high on marijuana that she cannot even do doggy style and has to be fucked legs over shoulders by her stud. He works Daisy up to a shattering climax and pulls out to shoot cum all over her. The single climax is a sure sign that Daisy has been raped hard all weekend and has nothing left. Afterward, the stud has to more or less carry Daisy off stage.

She then opened her mouth and made my finger went. She started sucking it. By now we both had become bolder and without hesitation she pulled me near her face and kissed me deeply and soon started to suck my tongue and our saliva were meeting each others. We kissed each other for some time and then I again pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Our tongue played with each other's.

"Yes Sir, it is."

I looked down at Terry and only then realized how close we were. With me leaning over Gina's face and Terry leaning forward as he fucked her pussy, our faces were less than a foot from each other. However Terry's eyes were closed and he grunted something about cumming just as he stopped moving and held himself deep in her cunt. It was the most erotic scene I could think of ... and just as quickly my balls began to shoot my load into Gina's throat.

Swearing sadistically, Grant haphazardly packed his guns and the clothes he needed for travel, and loaded up his truck. The engine roared furiously as he charged like a madman out of the driveway and down the road.

Greg's head stopped moving from side to side and began slowly and distantly nodding.

"Ohhhhhhh!....Naaaahh!..." Brian grasped as his engorged cock twitched frantically under the press of Mrs. Watson's searing pussy.

“A little! Hell he will be pounding it for a month thinking about you!”

Traci just laid back in the car seat with her dress entirely open in front. Her pussy was showing and her tits were hanging out. If anyone had walked by, they’d have seen everything. Then she leaned down between my legs and started licking my wet pussy. It felt really good when she started licking my love button while stroking my tight wet pussy with her finger.

I mentioned to my wife the potential for more firsts. She thought I was just teasing; I managed to convince her otherwise. I persuaded her that we were on vacation, nobody we knew was here and it would definitely be a first, a first for us both, but especially a first for her.

"Oh Yes, Oh my God. Yes, that's it, right thereeeee."

Aaron stifled a smile. He had studied many books on massage, and even taken a few college classes on the subject.

'What do I do, Bernie?' I asked, totally unsure as to how to proceed and looking to my friend for some guidance.

"And? Did she finally teach you bitch's a lesson?"

Hannah often comes to watch me play, provided she’s not too hung-over from Saturday night. We’d had a quiet one the night before so she’d seen the whole match this time, about the only supporter on our side. I guess she was just bored of waiting on her own, but there may have been some deliberate mischief in it, it’s hard to know with Hannah. Anyway she walked into the changing room bold as brass and came right up to me and gave me a kiss.

"I want to taste you, darling."

"Oh baby," Karyl coos sinking to the floor on knees.

A couple of days later, Chris phoned.

"That bitch aint getting nothing off me" said a guy in the baseball cap.

Rudy put his head on Mia's chin and lifted her head so he could see her body in the maid's outfit.

“Michkol come to me now!” he bellowed. The messenger demon instantly appeared before him looking disheveled. “What is the meaning of this Michkol? Why did you give this girl the images of me? Why were you messing with her mind?”

"I don't want you to leave. I don't want a divorce. I just want you to stop this and stop bothering the girls in the secretarial pool." she continued as she picked up the picture.


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When he came out Julie was looking at him. “So where have you been?’ she

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